Podcasting All The President’s Men


My friend Dave Gladow has a movie podcast: Pursuit of Crappiness. Not long ago. I gathered in Dave’s living room with him and his fellow journalist and former Picayune colleague, David Lee Simmons to discuss the 1976 film classic All The President’s Men. Here’s how Dave described his two guests:

For this episode of the Pursuit of Crappiness podcast, I am once again joined by David Lee Simmons of PopSmartNola, who previously lent a great deal of wisdom and insight in our podcast on “Spotlight.” This film, like that one, is certainly one of Hollywood’s greatest efforts at understanding the press and the media at large (though this movie takes a more mechanical look at things rather than the philosophical/moral approach of “Spotlight”).

But there’s no denying the political aspects either … which is where new guest Peter Athas comes in.  He contributes to the left-leaning blog First-Draft.com under the handle “Adrastos,” once lived and worked in Washington D.C. in several political capacities, and is an unabashed Nixon hater. What this means for our purposes is few people have as thorough an understanding of the Watergate scandal as he.

So, y’all now know I’m unabashed Nixon basher. Ya learn something every day…

To hear my Tricky Dick and Rocky Balboa impressions, punch the link below, not meat. Yo, Adrian, you can hear it in three different formats.

Pursuit of Crappiness podcast Episode 6: All the President’s Men