Never No One: Game of Thrones Thread


Quick takes: BERIC DONDARRION and Thoros of Myr. The Hound would make sense as a member of the Brotherhood, especially since in the books some asshole has been marauding around in his helm pretending to be him and reaving the countryside, but I don’t think that’s where we’re going here. I think we’re going somewhere else.

Shut UP, Tyrion. I’m sorry, I feel like at this point he provides more fanservice than Danaerys’s tits. Beyond spouting sarcastic cracks does he have anything to offer the story right now? Like a million years ago YOU UNCHAINED SOME DRAGONS. What have they been doing since then? Sitting around snacking on unsuccessful courtiers? Maybe since you’re their new bestie you could have them go burninate the fleet of ships in Slaver’s Bay before said ships start launching Molotovs and fucking up your Grey Worm-Missandei comedy revue. Nah, better to hunker down and sharpen your rapier wit.

The Brienne/Pod road show continues.

Shut up, Bronn.

The Blackfish was never going to submit to the Freys, so while I’m bummed Hotfish is dead, I’m not bummed he did it while taking out probably 35 of those pasty little freakjobs. Shudder. I swear if I was in a dark alley with Tywin Lannister and Walder Frey and had two bullets in my gun I’d shoot Walder twice.



Every fight they had taught them something about the next one. Everyone they’ve ever had to be taught them something about who they are. Every door they open leads to another door.

Jaime killed his king to avoid a slaughter. “Burn them all,” Aerys was screaming for hours before Jaime drove a sword into his back. Kill them all, Cersei commanded him, and he freed Edmure Tully, and walked through the gates of Riverrun, his sword undimmed by blood.

Cersei hedged her bets and played her games. She married Robert, manipulated and schemed and arranged her children’s futures, maneuvered herself into as many positions of power as she could, and it all came crashing down on her head. Pay homage to the religious fanatic you put in power, says Lancel Lannister, and was a time when Cersei might have played along, thinking that at some point she could turn it around. Instead she chooses violence, and smiles.

Arya Stark fought blind, and got her ass kicked every single time. She lied, every single time, and said she was no one, and the Waif knocked her down, beat her bloody, laughed in her face, but Arya Stark learned to fight in the dark.

Arya Stark caught cats in Winterfell, and danced on the water, and ran from the Night’s Watch. Arya Stark hid her secret heart beneath the stones of Braavos, and listened to the whispers on the docks, and swept the floors, and washed the dead.

Arya Stark was ‘Arry, and Weasel, and Nan, and Cat of the Canals. She was Salty, and Blind Beth, and Lanna. Arya Stark was Mercy. She was Catelyn’s daughter. She was Jon Snow’s sister. She was Mycah the Butcher’s Boy’s best friend.

She was all of those things, all the time, and each one in turn, and all of them together.

A girl was never no one.


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  1. “I like my chickens crisp” doesn’t seem like such a badass line when you read it,
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