GOP Governor Hates City Schools, Giant Surprise

I have reached the stage of Bruce Rauner where I can’t even have a rational argument anymore. I just yell obscenities at the TV screen, which is one of many, MANY reasons I am no longer allowed to watch local news at home.

(The major one being that when Kick was about 5 months old I was watching some local report on a child molestation case in which the criminal rapist was described as having “had sex” with his victim, and I yelled YOU MEAN HE FUCKING RAPED HER so loud I scared the baby. Also, nobody is transported to an area hospital. Where the fuck else they gonna go? Ugh, local news is such crap.)

So anyway, my state’s governor has been all over TV bitching that the sainted white suburban taxpayers, who worked so hard for their kids’ good schools, shouldn’t have to pay for city kids. He used the word bailout, which is horseshit: 

Illinois sends school districts funding from 19 major categories of education aid, including general state aid, block grants and pension subsidies. Accounting for all those dollars in Rauner’s budget for next year, CPS will receive just 69 cents in funding for every dollar the rest of the state receives — on average.

Chicago students are 20 percent of state public school enrollment and our taxpayers pay 20 percent of state income taxes, yet we receive less than 15 percent of state education subsidies.

The missing 5 percent approaches $550 million, enough to save Chicago schools.

So just shut up, you l;HDSFK;ALKSDFJW;OIEUR. Just shut up. Quit yelling at poor people while you lunch with the rich smug jerkwagons who created this mess in the first place:

“A bailout for Chicago is not fair to taxpayers, and it doesn’t solve any of the problems for the taxpayers,” Rauner said after speaking at a Illinois Taxpayers Federation luncheon in River North, where he received a couple of chuckles in his criticism of both unions and Democratic leaders.

HAHAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY KIDS MIGHT NOT HAVE SCHOOLS THIS FALL. It’s hilarious that teachers are being underpaid! Hysterical! It must be so nice to hear that kind of stuff over your fucking tuna nicoise you asshole ;alkdfjsal;skdfjpwoiqeurpwoifjsdlkjf.


3 thoughts on “GOP Governor Hates City Schools, Giant Surprise

  1. New York City has had the same problem with its school system for years. Even after a court ordered city students get the same subsidies as non-city students, the inequity persists. People really do hate to give up their welfare.

  2. You’re my hero. Seriously. Just mentioning the “having sex” thing — I pop a vein in my forehead every damn time they say that.

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