Thursday Night Music: Losing My Religion

Family by choice is the best kind of family as far as I’m concerned. Last Friday, we were at our friends Cait and Dave’s place to celebrate the third birthday of their son Nate. Nate’s father Dave is also a Leo. His birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday to ya.

Cait is a zealous REM fan. I think she knows more about them than any of the members. She was playing some live REM stuff and one of the band’s biggest hits, Losing My Religion, became lodged in my consciousness where it remains. Btw, the song isn’t about Jesus, Buddha, Moses, or any of those Holy Joes. It’s a common phrase in the South. Here’s the top definition at the Urban Dictionary:

Southern term for losing one’s temper, “flying off the handle”, etc. Note that the R.E.M. song of this title has nothing to do with religion, despite the common misinterpretation of the phrase.

“I was close losing my religion with the kid wrecked the BMW.”
 My personal synonym is “losing my shit.” Enough with the linguistic gymnastics, time for some music:

4 thoughts on “Thursday Night Music: Losing My Religion

  1. I’ve always liked Mrs Madrigal’s description – logical family as opposed to your biological family. If one is very lucky, there are persons in your life who are both biological family who would be your logical family if you weren’t related.

    1. You’re welcome, but all credit to Armistead Maupin and Mrs Madrigal.

  2. I always thought Michael was talking about life’s ambiguity. “That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight, changing my direction”. “I’ve said too much, I haven’t said enough”.
    This tune & “Everybody Hurts” are MY faves by REM.
    I always tell people if you really want to know what a song “is a sayin” read the lyrics.
    Take the Boss’ song, “Born in the USA”. No, it is not about patriotism!

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