Why Don’t Poor People Just Buy Houses in Nicer Neighborhoods?

Because they aren’t allowed to. It would drag down the property values all over the place: 

Village of Hartland — Village officials and residents on Monday squared off in a heated exchange during a plan commission meeting over a proposed housing development on the east side of the village.

A plan by Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County would put 15 homes on 3.2 acres at 1270 E. Capitol Drive. Residents said such a densely populated development would lower their property values and could bring crime to the area.

The commission only reviewed the conceptual plan for the development and did not vote on it.

“What bothers me most about the proposal is the density and the risk that it’s going to give to my property value,” said Diana Benben, who lives two doors east of the proposed development.

The development would be placed on the lot of the former Slugger’s bar, which has been torn down, and the house west of the bar lot. The future of the house isn’t clear, and may be torn down to make room for the development. The property is not hooked up to the village’s sewer and water system, and that work will cost the developer between $400,000 and $500,000.

The homes would cost between $150,000 and $225,000 and will range from 900 to 1,800 square feet, according to a conceptual plan sent to the village by the consulting firm Lynch & Associates of New Berlin.

This is an argument I used to hear all the time when I covered suburban land use issues, and still hear all the time whenever somebody brings up shitty public schools, or food deserts, or crime in historically black neighborhoods. Why don’t they just move?

Well, because after you smuggies lit out for the exurbs you pulled up the bridge after you and now nobody can afford to “just” move.

Just move. Fuck’s sake. Like you won’t show up at the village hall and bitch about apartments having “unattended juveniles” at them or frickin’ Habitat for Humanity homes bringing down “your” property values by being merely $225,000, like a slum or something.

But you don’t hate poor people. You just oppose anything and everything that might actually help them in any practical way. That’s all.



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  1. Right, then taxes will have to go up to pay teachers enough to make the commute worth their while. Something else to complain about. Some people need to go back to school & take an economics course.

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