Trump Toddler Tantrum, Day Four

The Insult Comedian’s meltdown over Alicia Machado continues. Hillary really punched the right button as Trump has been ranting about it ever since the Humbling at Hofstra. For those of you not on Twitter, here’s the latest:

Jeez, I thought Kellyanne and Breitbart Dude took Trump’s phone away. These tweets were posted in the middle of the night. I guess widdle Donnie couldn’t sleep. So much for his being a manly man, he’s really a whiny titty baby.

The best thing I’ve seen about the latest tantrum is by Josh Marshall who calls it Khan 2.0. Josh is so hooked into the Insult Comedian’s psyche that I worry about him.

I’d like to thank Donald for his utter lack of self control. It’s going to cost him the election.

I won’t be surprised if that tweet storm disappears. I’m too busy to take screen shots but I’m sure someone else will.

In the spirit of helpfulness for which I’m known, I’d like to suggest a campaign theme song to Team Trump. Its title certainly describes the events of this week:

Those fingers look a bit too long to be Trump’s but the title still works; as does this one now that I think of it:

Holy Machado meltdown, Batman. Thanks, Donald.