Racism, Sexism, and Where They Are Okay


On a bus tour hunt for the 2000 Playmate of the Year around the country, the Playmates travel to different cities including New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, and San Diego. Trump welcomes the Playmates in New York and pops a bottle of champagne to kick off the New York stop. Trump then pours it over the Playboy bunny logo.

“Beauty is beauty, and let’s see what happens with New York,” Trump says.

Let’s pretend for a moment Alicia Machado had a sex tape (she didn’t). Why would that make it okay for Donald Trump to call her fat and call her trash and threaten to fire her? After all, he’s the one who employed her in the first place; if he knew she had a sex tape and genuinely thought it was some kind of moral failing, why make her Miss Universe?

Of course, he didn’t know, because there was no sex tape, and he didn’t think it was a moral failing anyway, seeing as he was IN A SEX TAPE, and none of this matters at all.

I drove home Friday night listening to an entire NPR piece about this complete clusterfuck, and what made me nearly exit off a bridge into the river was the idea that there was no evidence of a sex tape. Like the problem is that he’s wrong about it, not about whether it’s even relevant to an argument he was having. If Alicia Machado killed KENNEDY, it would still not be okay to call her fat and call her “Miss Housekeeping.” This is called “things that are not on the table for this fight.”

This fight that is about the US presidency, by the way, and also about Donald Trump’s shitty impulse  control and problems with women. Just in case you forgot.