They’ll Hate You If They Think You Lied

Here’s the thing about backing out of supporting Trump now.

Yeah, it’s cheap and too late and reprehensible and insulting to the intelligence of every American voter, hell every American mammal.

The bigger problem for the GOP? It won’t WORK.

Look at this: 

“Paul Ryan sucks!” Milwaukee resident Paul Anderson yelled at a fall festival in Elkorn, Wisconsin, where the House speaker addressed a crowd, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“You turned your back on us,” other hecklers shouted, breaking into chants of “We want Trump!”

Trump was originally supposed to appear with Ryan at the event. But Ryan disinvitedTrump hours after the recording surfaced, releasing a statement saying he was “sickened” by the GOP nominee’s remarks. The joint appearance would have been Ryan’s first campaign event with Trump.

Trump spent the majority of the Republican primaries talking about what venal, corrupt, cynical assholes the GOP leadership were. It was his first line of attack, after the whole “Mexicans are rapists” and “build a wall” thing, and it rang true across the board. When he stood up on the debate stage and said, “I bought you. And you. And you. And you. I bought Mitt Romney twice and he liked it better on the re-run” all the candidates got pissed off, and the voters laughed, and then the voters got pissed off. Because he was right.

What’s happening now is playing into his brand. His supporters knew he was a disgusting pig with no impulse control who told them exactly what they wanted to hear. Now his supporters know he’s a disgusting pig with no impulse control who was RIGHT about what he told them. He said the GOP only cared about money, and would turn on them once it didn’t need them anymore, and damned if that party hasn’t done exactly that.

I’m a Trump voter, let’s say, and for the past year I’ve been listening to this guy talk about how it’s all about him, and he can fix everything, and the fucking society won’t let him because they’re in the pocket of Big Whatever. And maybe I know he’s a jerkwad, maybe I know he hung out at the Playboy Mansion and is on Wife 3, so in the back of my mind I think it doesn’t really matter.

Then I watch this parade of jackholes like Paul Ryan and everybody else who wanted his name in a headline yesterday and today come out and denounce my candidate as unfit, after spending months smiling tightly and shaking his hand and talking about supporting him as the nominee.

You know what I see then? I see LESS reason to trust the GOP establishment, and MORE reason to trust Trump.

So go ahead, leading lights of what you imagine to be a major political party. Tell Trump voters not to be Trump voters anymore. Try to buy your way out of purgatory. It won’t work with anyone but the hairdos on the Sunday shows, and as Trump himself has proved this year, they aren’t enough to win.


2 thoughts on “They’ll Hate You If They Think You Lied

  1. Hit it dead on the nail head, Athenae. I’m still quite concerned about when the Base/Elite split actually goes down. One side of me says, “Yea! GOP is gone!” The other part of me is scared shitless thinking about what those violent rubes of the Base are willing to do.

  2. Every one of those Fuckers that “un”endorsed him yesterday are still going to vote for him. They stand up there on stage or write on their little twitter machine that he’s repulsive because they are finally embarrassed that this is the jackass they chose to ride with just to be able to swing the supreme court. Right now, the whole party is on hold. After the debate tonite, if he doesn’t totally burn the fucker down, they will say he redeemed himself somewhat and he’s still better than Clinton. They are more than willing to sacrifice the presidency to keep the power.

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