You’re Not a News Organization

Everyone involved with this story needs a goddamn nap: 

Bush never told NBC News brass about the tape when he joined “Today,” and they’re not happy about it. “Billy was bragging about the tape to other NBC staff while in Rio. If he knew about the tape, and remembered the full extent of such an explosive conversation with a presidential candidate and didn’t disclose that to NBC News, that is a very, very serious problem,” the insider said, adding it could violate the “morality clause” in his contract.

Look. If you work at a news organization, which the Today Show likes to pretend it is when trying to get interviews with actual important people as opposed to the latest celebrity chef, then you don’t get to ignore news you hear. You don’t get to sit on it anymore than a reporter at the Washington Post would. Donald Trump is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, you really expect us to believe that nobody thought his being a serial molester was relevant?

Everything on that tape was gross but hearing that supposed journalists, people who like to jaw on about how their job is to inform the public, thought hey, let’s just NOT, okay, is the grossest. Trump was being himself. NBC? They were supposed to be better than that.

I don’t want to hear anymore about the sacred guardians of our democracy and how they’re being undermined by the Internet. I really don’t. If you can’t do the simplest thing right, and in this case the simplest thing would be reporting that immediately, then sit your ass down and think about your life.


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3 thoughts on “You’re Not a News Organization

  1. Your link to PayPal didn’t work, but maybe it isn’t supposed to… Not that I have any $$ to give to anyone not supplying groceries, but I just had to see, regardless. I’ve wondered on occasion if I shouldn’t set up a Go Fund Me page, just to see if being an old, retired, painfully opinionated musician could actually garner groceries like that. 🤑 Love your stuff, BTW…😎

  2. Why were they waiting for Billy Bush to tell them about Trump? It’s not like he wasn’t on an NBC series for years. He’s made a dozen or so appearances on “Today” and plenty of other shows on NBC. Anyone really think he was a perfect gentleman on those trips?

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