It’s Gloves, Donald. Gloves. Not Shackles.

These people could fuck up a baked potato: 

Now that Paul Ryan has distanced himself from Trump as much as he possibly can without actually taking any sort of real stand, Donald Trump has apparently been give the green light to lose his goddamned mind.

They’ve gone full GamerGate. That’s what this is. It’s no longer a campaign. It’s a subreddit. Everything from the Freepi has been jettisoned to make room for this Red Pill, MRA bullshit that only makes sense if you’re steeped in the mythology. These are not words that real people know.

I was talking with folks online yesterday about how Trump had a lot of support from people who only got the news from their hairdressers, and that’s not a slam on hairdressers or low-information voters. Elections are won and lost in what can be talked about in the time and space that is a haircut.

What was that before? Hillary’s an unlikable bitch, the Clintons are corrupt, not them again, ugh. Trump tells it like it is!

What’s that now? Trump’s fucking crazy and possibly a rapist. Everybody hates him, including his own party. He’s toxic.

In 2012 it was that Romney’s a rich prick. In 2008 Obama was the new hotness. In 2004 Kerry was a French flip-flopper. In 2000 Gore was boring and nobody cared. That’s how these things get decided. It’s why I talk about the narrative all the time; it’s not that I think “the media” is a monolithic thing, it’s that there’s a shorthand that develops. Clinton’s scandals and e-mails and “shadows.” It’s why you hear the same jargon in a dozen stories. It’s why people “just know” things. Information bleeds.

Now we’re gonna have to have stories on the evening news about what a “cuck” is, with stock footage of The Matrix and other insane bullshit, because the insane bullshit is all he’s got left. What does everyone know now? That he’s lost and he’s nuts. Only the Breitbart commenters and the Twitter eggs are with him now.


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