Quote Of The Day: Little Newt On Little Trump

Tiger Beat on The Potomac reads the Moonie Times so we don’t have to:

Gingrich said there’s a side of Little Trump’s personality that’s “very sensitive, particularly to anything which attacks his own sense of integrity or his own sense of respectability, and he reacts very intensely, almost uncontrollably, to those kinds of situations.”

“I think that’s a weakness,” he said on the “Examining Politics” podcast. “I hope he grows out of it.”

Grows out of it? Trump is Seventy fucking years old. The chances of him “growing out” of anything are slim and none, and slim moved to Mexico and calls himself Carlos. Btw, the real reason the Insult Comedian attacked Senor Slim (his name really oughta be Jim) is that the Mexican tycoon canceled a business deal with the fake billionaire after the rapist/build the wall speech. That’s the skinny on Senor Slim. The things you learn when you use Mr. Google…

Back to Newt’s Little Trump quote. One thing that many top Trumpers have in common is projection. They sound like they’re talking about another person when they’re really talking about themselves. Trump does it all the time and so does Newt who has always seen himself as a “historic figure.” Here’s more from the Moonie-cast:

In the podcast, Gingrich extolled Big Trump, whom he painted as a courageous outsider whose big thinking is changing American politics. “However, there’s also a part of his personality that sometimes gets involved in petty things that make no sense,” he conceded, “and I think that that’s what I was talking about when I talk about there’s a big Trump and a little Trump.”

“The big Trump is a historic figure talking about historic ideas. The little Trump gets involved at a personality level,” he said, pointing to the real estate mogul’s tweet in which he blasted “SNL” for its “hit job” and called for the “boring and unfunny show” to “retire.” Trump also attacked Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin, tweeting that his “portrayal stinks” and floating the unsubstantiated notion that the media are rigging the election.

“Well, if you’re gonna be president of the United States and a historic figure and not just change America but also change a lot about how we lead the world, you don’t descend to being the equivalent of Alec Baldwin,” Gingrich advised.

But, but, but his character on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy, was an ardent Republican who would surely be a Trumper. Speaking of 30 Rock, it turns out that there’s a Tumblr whose stated mission is to use: “Jenna Maroney’s words. Donald Trump’s face. The worst of both worlds.” It’s called-what else?-Donald Maroney. Life not only imitates The Sopranos, it imitates 30 Rock too. Repeat after me: the things you learn when you use Mr. Google…

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, Little Newt’s Little Donald quote. It has given me an earworm. Now that I think of it, this could be Trump’s campaign theme song even if it’s only about growth in one area:


3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Little Newt On Little Trump

  1. When I heard that nonsense from Newt, I thought about Little Elvis which was less sick-making than thinking about Little Newt or Little Trump.

  2. Good old Newt, still trying to land that big dream job. So, Donald Trump is a historic figure (whatever that means; Trump is certainly participating in the history of his times, I guess) talking about historic ideas. It is an everlasting shame that due to space limitations, the Moonie Times couldn’t delineate those historic ideas that I’m sure Professor Gingrich enumerated..

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