Friday Catblogging: Open Your Eyes

Dr. A  was disappointed in this devil eye picture. I think it’s pretty darn good. I think Della’s eyes were less devilish because of her big brother’s presence. He’s a sweet kitty. It’s a pity he can’t influence her.


Now that you’ve seen the glowing eyes, here’s some eye opening music. In fact, two different tunes with the same title both featuring Steve Howe on lead guitar:


2 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Open Your Eyes

  1. Jammer: I read Dutch and write Dutch . . . Did you see de Dutchmils of my blogs??? My holidays were in de Dutchpolders: Beemster-, Wormer-, Schermer-, Wieringer- en Polder het Grootslag enz. De Ronde Hoep fiets ik altijd . . . Elfriede from Amsterdam, zaterdag 22 oktober 2016

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