That’s Why I Call Him The Insult Comedian: Al Smith Dinner Edition

Donald Trump likes making history. It suits his inflated sense of self-importance. He usually, however, makes history in-as he himself would surely put it-a BAAAAD way. It happened again last night in New York. He was booed by a largely Republican crowd at the Al Smith dinner and even vexed ultra-conservative Cardinal Dolan. Way to go, Donald.

The Insult Comedian brags about his ability to judge a room; actually he brags about everything. Believe me. His Trumpy-spidey-sense failed him again. He┬ámisread the nature of a charity event that’s meant to be a very mild roasting of one’s opponent and gave them the full Rickles. He cannot help himself. He did smile a few times but, as usual, never laughed, another reason he was booed and bombed. Additionally, his idea of self-deprecating humor is to mock his wife. Take Melania, please.

In contrast, the next POTUS did a good job. I particularly liked her ode to immigrants. It worked in that room, which is heavily Irish Catholic as was Al Smith. Hillary can read a room. Donald cannot. That’s why I call him the insult comedian.

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