Friday Catblogging: Cooler For Cats

We’re mediocre housekeepers¬†so there’s a cooler in our living room. Please don’t judge us. Oscar and Della Street don’t:


The second picture has a one-eye devil-eyed thing going on with Della:


It’s time for the inevitable mewsical selection:

5 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Cooler For Cats

  1. cat copeland says:

    JUDGING of CATS is NEVER ALLOWED!! Never, Ever!!
    Oh, that “one eyed, devil eyed” ‘ thingie’ is for ME. HA HA!!!!
    Gotcha, Della!!!

  2. pansypoo says:

    a throne is a throne is a throne.

  3. friedab2015 says:

    Euh . . . , yes a catthrone is a throne for the pussy’s . . . Elfriede = * Leuk, ik heb volgers in de US, or England, Australi√ę or Ierland . . . I do’nt know . . . Elfriede, zondag 30 oktober 2016

  4. The cats are loving the cooler!

  5. johnslonce says:

    very cute kitties!!

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