Tea For The Tillerson


On Mardi Gras day, New Orleanians are accustomed to saying “Hail, Rex.” When I heard about Trump appointing Putin’s pal  Rex Tillerson, my reaction was “Hail, No Rex.” Most people confronting controversy over their ties to the Russian kleptocracy would not even consider appointing someone who is close to Putin as Secretary of State. The Insult Comedian doesn’t give a shit what mere mortals think. Anyone out there still think this is a populist uprising? It’s more like the revolt of the plutocrats.

Trump has assembled a team of saboteurs. He’s appointed people who *loathe* cabinet departments to head them. We have the Doctor/Congressman who wants to destroy the ACA and Medicare. We have Billionaire Betsy who wants to destroy public schools in favor of charters whether or not they’re any good. Then there’s the skeezy fast food mogul who hates workers as Labor Secretary. GOPers used to appoint the most conservative labor leader and express shock when the AFL-CIO complained.

Then there are unqualified picks like Nikki Haley at the UN and Ben Carson at HUD. Dr. Sleepy at least fits a classic pattern: Republicans like to appoint black people to head up HUD. Hey, them people all live in inner city hellholes, right? So it goes.

Rick Perry is nominally qualified to be Energy Secretary but it’s one of the departments he ran on abolishing in 2012. Not that he could remember what it was called. Oops. We’re about to go from a nuclear physicist to an idiot heading that department.

The Russian kleptocracy has friends in high places with crazy Gen. Flynn and Rex Tillerson riding the Trump crazy train. The latter, apparently, had one of his people scrub his wikipedia entry:

It is unclear as to why the Insult Comedian picked the Texas oil man. It could be his ties to Republican establishment types like Jim Baker, and Condominium Rice who do business with the Rexster. That strikes me as odd since Rice refused to endorse Trump and sniped at him several times during the campaign. One would also hope that former Secretaries of State would support someone who’s qualified. But we know how that goes: IOKIYAR.

It looks as if the man from Exxon/Mobil was appointed because of his pro-Putin sentiments. Two of the other contenders, Willard Mittbot Romney, and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker actually know that Russia has illegally seized the Crimea; something that remains a mystery to the electoral college winner.

The only thing I like about Trump’s pick for Secretary of State is his punworthy name. I hope Cat Stevens doesn’t mind my using his album cover. He *is* my countryman, even if he goes by Yusuf Islam these days. That leads me to our next meme:


Notice the look of love in their eyes? We’re really in for it. Hail no, Rex.

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