No One Ever Is To Blame

Have you noticed how fucking allergic we are to saying who did what to who and why?

Jesus H. J. Giles Band Christ:

I mean SEEN AS?

He basically said, “White women need to have more white babies so that we can have a nation of white people,” and we are so … I don’t know, what, pussified we can’t say, “This was some breed-for-the-Reich straight-up eugenics shit, son?” What on EARTH? How did we as a nation ever manage the Paris peace talks if right now we can’t put together a definitive headline? Eighty-seven people work  in this newsroom or something. How many said, “Erm. Seen as?”

King put it on the tee for you. You don’t have to say the part about eugenics, even. You can just say, “Iowa Congressman repeats racist rhetoric of the past.” “Racist” is not an insult, it’s a descriptive. Steve King, bless the pile of rusty nails that passes for his heart, is arguing for a distinction based solely on race. That is RACIST. Objectively, if that matters to you while the fucking world burns.

Is it shocking and upsetting to say that? FUCK YES IT IS. It’s shocking and upsetting that it happened. It’s shocking and upsetting that a member of Congress, a job I used to actually think you had to not be a total jello mold to get, thinks there aren’t enough white babies for America to look like his vision of it.

It’s shocking and upsetting that that exists in the world. The very least our nation’s elite media can do is come up with a headline that reflects the shock and the upset.

It is not the newspaper’s job to keep everyone from getting upset. Sometimes it is the newspaper’s job to make sure everyone IS upset, and if everyone is not upset, to fucking deliberately upset them. With every word, you set an agenda, and this agenda says there is no collective interest worth being disturbed about. It’s all an abstract discussion between David Brooks and Thomas Friedman at the Aspen Ideas Festival and who can really know the truth?

Meanwhile King is out here flat-out telling my fellow white people we need to breed out the savages.

Or so it’s being “seen,” anyway.


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