Tweet Of The Day: The Case Of The Punning Pundit

I considered stealing this pun outright. I decided not to out of fear of expulsion from the pun community. I take my status as a horrid punster quite seriously.

The punning pundit is Molly Ball of the Atlantic. It was posted when the Trumpcare Bill hopped out of the hopper:

That was a helluva sweet pun and I’m not Mollycoddling Ms. Ball by saying that. In fact, I relish the chance to praise a punning pundit.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: The Case Of The Punning Pundit

  1. Though high-profile, it was a rather mediocre pun. Better:

    “The GOP stinks at governing, as described in my book, The Fart of the Deal”.

    1. You missed the gem that popped up in the comments; something along the lines of “I’m tired of the GOP gherkin us around”.

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