Everything Is An Enormous Pain in the Ass

It’s not just Obamaphones and poor people’s choice of TVs:

It’s that it takes six calls to the insurance company to get routine drugs approved. It’s that there are fees tacked onto everything for seemingly no reason at all. It’s that when you go on the website to make a doctor’s appointment they tell you to call, and the voicemail auto-answering thing tells you to go on the website and then hangs up on you. It’s that you have to swipe or insert or insert and swipe or WHATEVER to pay for stuff. Change your password to something else, but not that password, because we’re not going to tell you what the password requirements are until you’ve screwed them up.

It’s that there are half as many buses as there used to be, for twice as many people, and they don’t clean them as much so the ride to work every morning is gross. It’s that we’re told at every turn that we can’t have nice things, unless we’re super-rich, so most of us have almost-nice things that break constantly and require a roundabout with four customer service reps until we lose it and start screaming at the company on Twitter.

That’s for those of us who can afford to be on Twitter, have things at all, or be consumed with petty shit. The rest of us are sitting at the bus stop, having gotten up an hour early only to find the bus delayed by 30 minutes because it’s snowing, and the bus doesn’t go to the one ADA-compliant stop on the train so we have to roll the damn chair down the middle of the street in the snow because the city doesn’t shovel as much as it used to. Shortage of funds, you know. Can’t salt the sidewalks. Grrr. It’s doing everything the way you’re told — job, home, family — and life STILL being just this hard.

We transfer that anger at corporate bullshit to politicians, and we should, because they’re the ones allowing companies to charge more for doing less and call in the cops when someone says screw that. They’re the ones allocating resources from one place to another, and somehow where the resources end up is never where we think they’re gonna be, and it’s that their misdeeds are presented as happenstance for which there is no redress. Washington “is broken.” Our system “doesn’t work.”

Not that people made it that way and can unmake it, not that actions and laws and regulations and requirements can be made to protect consumers more than producers, but that it’s all fucked up and bullshit, as the kids say. Easier to turn your back on it in disgust. Easier to walk away.


3 thoughts on “Everything Is An Enormous Pain in the Ass

  1. You may be amused by the little 1981 book by Marvin Harris “America Now” (Also published under the title “Why Things Don’t Work.” Harris doesn’t simply document these kinds of craziness; he tries to explain how they came about.

  2. Joke: Sister Mary joined a Silent Martyrs order with no talking except once a year. Year one: she said “hard bed”; Year two: “cold food”, Third year she said “I quit”.
    “That’s all right, sister Mary”, said the Mother Superior, “you always were a bitcher”!

  3. I agree, everything is a pain in the ass. I pay and pay and pay and get next to nothing or shit on in return- everyone seems to think that 100 dollar bills fall out of my ass. Work is getting harder the pay remains the same. The shitty insurance that costs so much and is required by law is not accepted by my Doctor and the stupid website cannot give me just a freaking Dr’s name- the Dr. I did manage to find is months out for new patients! The fucking chest pains are NOW buddy and no way can I afford emerNaency room so hopefully I will just drop dead and finally get some rest!

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