Really Disabled

When you get right down to it everybody is just mooching off the system, right?

Everybody on welfare’s driving Cadillacs and everybody on food stamps is buying candy and everybody in Section 8 housing is just dealing drugs. The homeless by the highway are scamming you and kids who need lunch money are scamming you and that woman speaking Spanish in the grocery store might be talking about you and a guy who was panhandling once had a cell phone and oh my Cylon god, basically.


I mean it, who? The other day I was trying to figure out if I could make a haircut appointment for after my kid went to bed so I wouldn’t miss any more time with her because all I do is work and we’re selling our house and moving to a new house we haven’t found yet so we go to house showings and clean our own house for showings, and I haven’t seen my friends in weeks, and I’m emotionally involved with no less than 14 TV shows right now, and seriously at the moment a mani-pedi takes more time than I have free. Every night I am almost too tired to brush my teeth, and I threw my back out again so I’m limping around trying to quote Richard III like it’s funny.

The very last thing I can do is track if some person on disability could take a shift on the factory line or not.

I’m not being deliberately dense, I know there is an entire propaganda machine dedicated to convincing elderly white folks that this is the case, and I know it’s like candy for your brain, the idea that you are Not King because of some minority person or chick and not because you suck, but when you get right down to it half these loony things only take hold because people have time to pay attention to them so I ask you, can we get America a hobby or something?

Do we need classes to teach everybody to paint and crochet or tell them it’s okay to just ignore the homeless guy instead of inventing a whole story about how that guy is scamming you? You don’t have to give him money but you do have to find something else to talk about, you know? My cousin’s brother’s friend saw a homeless guy by the roadside get into an SUV and drive away, so they’re not really homeless, why is that something you need to tell me? I knew someone who knew someone who’d heard of someone who wasn’t disabled, who just had a headache and lived on disability his whole life because SCAMMERS, and we need to stop paying for programs for which we’ve already taxed people.

How broken in the head do you have to be, sure, to think like this, but also how fundamentally intellectually bankrupt and disinterested in life do you have to be that this takes up this much space in your head?


5 thoughts on “Really Disabled

  1. And the folks who just know that their relatives aren’t really disabled because they go out and enjoy life once a week or so, instead of sealing themselves inside their residence, covering their upper lip and rocking back and forth while moaning, “Unclean! Unclean!”

    I’m dealing with one such person on another message board right now, who is totally convinced her sister isn’t really disabled and has been mooching off the system for decades. This disabled sister has the nerve to go out shopping every now and then, so, you know, totally able to hold down a 9-to-5 full time.

  2. BUTBUTBUT the poor are getting away w/ not using their BOOTSTRAPS LIKE I DID! never mind racis,, no boots, no feet. ITS NOT FAIR!

  3. This is aces, and thank you for writing it. I have linked it at least once. It is so true, and it all is so exhausting. But thank you for saying it in a way that made me smile. Because I am feeling like grinding an edge on a knife, and not the ones I cook with, so often these days.

    (house hunting rant, started and couldn’t stop)

    And I am also looking for a house, and it is making me want to slam a car door on my head. Only three of the eight you sent me two days ago can be viewed because the rest are all under contract with backup offers? And the one we wanted but would require a week of construction labor (by me) prior to move in the seller decided to pull the offer, even though it won’t appraise for the price they now ask, and it’s been on market since November? 60% of the photos on Zillow or the MLS portal are photoshopped. I have come home from viewings and looked at the listing and said “I have been in that room, and it’s not that big”. Look for distortions in the lines of tile floors. When the tile shapes are pulled into diamonds, it’s stretched to give the illusion of space. Took me a few weeks to figure out what I was seeing. Have you seen properties where they are getting their square feet numbers from enclosed patios or carports? I’ve seen dozens. And some are done well, and some are whack. One place had an electrical meter sticking out of what used to be an exterior wall, but was now inside. Don’t know how that works with the power company. And the flippers. Look at the pretty cabinets, counters, and light fixtures we bought at Lowes. Ignore that the neighbors have a car on cinder blocks in their front yard. And the crime stats. We’re moving because of three break ins in under six years. Looked at one today with low crime reports. It’s a quarter mile from a police station. Nice kitchen, but issues. Always something. I guess it’s my fault for not having enough money to shop in better places.

  4. Christ if I only had a nickel.
    One thing other white people seem to think is that because I’m white I must be dying to hear their horse shit lies about disability cheaters getting blow jobs from unicorns. If I could stand their shitty Alex Jones stained brain long enough I’d love to ask them about ” sources”, but clearly that’s not part of the ruse.
    It’s all about baby rappers who get 1,200$ a month from n food stamps and 3-4000$ in cash welfare. It’s like the phone tree started with Reagan’s welfare queen Cadillac and it’s all been inflation since.
    Perhaps it’s the cognitive dissonance that allows these people to rave about Trump’s business genius while over looking the bankruptcy​ laws that he exploited. Yet it was time to crack down on those moochers in the middle class who had catastrophic events happen.
    Fraud will be with the human race as long as men quest for the holy Grail to penis enlargement. Fraud is harmful and wrong and should be prosecuted, but that’s not what this hysteria is all about. It’s about finding a scapegoat for life’s problems and there being hucksters​ all to ready to serve up the most vulnerable. I want to scream at these people
    ” Hey dumbass, have you ever stopped to think that the people peddling this horse shit are just making it up?” But they want to believe it because the LAST fucking thing in the world they want to do is think.

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