Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Catchup and Flies edition

OK, good people – something old, something new this week.

Actually, it’s ALL old, because the Freeperati never change their pants stripes.

In brief – GiganticAsshole body-slams reporters – good.

Other gigantic asshole pushes to the front of group of world leaders – he should have body slammed them.

Think I’m kidding?

Out of my way, I’m in front! Trump shoves European leader aside to find his place at the center
daily mail ^ | 5/25/2017

Posted on 5/25/2017, 1:44:04 PM by RummyChick

A Trump moment went viral for the wrong reason on Thursday as he and the leaders of 27 other NATO member countries assembled for a photo at the treaty organization’s gleaming new Brussels, Belgium headquarters. As Trump made his way through the group to take his position in the front row next to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Montenegro’s Prime Minister Duško Marković was in his way. So Trump put his hand on Marković’s upper arm and shoved him aside.

1 posted on 5/25/2017, 1:44:04 PM by RummyChick

To: RummyChick

That’s how alpha males roll!

No, it’s how an asshole rolls.

Alpha males (which are dogs, BTW) would bite anyone in front of them.

Too bad it wasn’t a muslim! or Merkel! (that would have really had their panties in a twist!)

7 posted on 5/25/2017, 1:49:04 PM by Pilgrim’s Progress ( D)

Too bad Markovic didn’t just elbow The Darnold in the solar plexus.
And, of course:
To: RummyChick

A body slam would’ve been much better.

19 posted on 5/25/2017, 2:09:58 PM by TexasCruzin (Trump is the man. #TrumpPence16)

..and just as classy.
Like I said – nothing new to see here. Same shit, different week.
Follow below the fold for the Freeperati reaction to The Darnold wishing Mooslimes everywhere a happy Ramadan.

Trump wishes world’s Muslims ‘joyful Ramadan’ Yeni Şafak ^ | May 27, 2017 | Anadolu Agency Posted on 5/27/2017, 2:01:33 AM by 2ndDivisionVetPresident Donald Trump wished the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims a “joyful Ramadan” on Friday as they prepare to embrace the holy month.”At its core, the spirit of Ramadan strengthens awareness of our shared obligation to reject violence, to pursue peace, and to give to those in need who are suffering from poverty or conflict,” Trump said in a statement.

“I extend my best wishes to Muslims everywhere for a blessed month as you observe the Ramadan traditions of charity, fasting, and prayer. May God bless you and your families,” he said.

His message comes on the heels of another legal defeat for Trump’s travel ban that many, including American judges, have concluded is an unconstitutional Muslim ban.The executive order, a “watered-down version of the first one” by Trump’s admission, would stop new visas being issued to residents of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for at least 90 days. It excludes Iraq, named in an original version that was signed one week into Trump’s presidency.

It also suspends the nation’s refugee program for 120 days.

1 posted on 5/27/2017, 2:01:34 AM by 2ndDivisionVet
exploding head
To: 2ndDivisionVet

I would wish them that with a nuke over mecca.

5 posted on 5/27/2017, 2:24:56 AM by Secret Agent Man ( Gone Galt; Not averse to Going Bronson.)

Of course you would.  And then you’d be here on Freeperville complaining about how you’re going to lose your job because you can’t drive to it any more (no gas to be had at ANY price, as all the tanker ships that move it were sunk or EMPed into boat anchors in the blast, or denied docking by every Middle Eastern country afterwards)
How dare that Mooslime-lover Trump second-guess you on this!

To: 2ndDivisionVet

Sooner or later; this country and its people

People? People? People like your BFF The Darnold?

are going to pay DEARLY for embracing these savages. Should have ignored their BS ‘holiday’, Mr. President.

9 posted on 5/27/2017, 3:03:20 AM by who knows what evil? (Yehovah saved more animals than people on the ark…

How about he just ignores your dumb ass post instead? He already got your vote and your money, idiot.
To: Paladin2


11 posted on 5/27/2017, 3:05:15 AM by Paladin2 (No spelchk nor wrong word auto substition on mobile dev. Please be intelligent and deal with it….)

To: 2ndDivisionVet
How about. “One more terrorist attack and we nuke Medina to show you we are serious. Once again and we nuke Mecca. Third time we turn every muslim majority country into glass.”

That’s what he should say, and follow through.

6 posted on 5/27/2017, 2:29:22 AM by FreedomStar3028 (Somebody has to step forward and do what is right because it is right, otherwise no one will follow.)

I’m glad you have such a clear vision for our foreign policy in the Middle East, FreedumbScar.
Like I said – nothing has changed.
With that in mind, let’s go back for some stupidity that got pushed off the list by other stupidity –
Remember last week, when I said that the Freeper page on the Book of Faces was a hoot?
An example – they think we can’t see them!
19 May at 13:06


I noticed the DU rodents have moved in here since Free Republic site came back to life…

David B. Robinson
David B. Robinson Just be careful responding to them. Facebook isn’t Free Republic, everything you say can and most likely will be used against you and they just love banning people and shutting down politically incorrect groups. Also a lot of people use their real name and town on Facebook and employers, friends, neighbors may or may not agree with your views. Treat it like sending a letter to the editor of your local paper in that you have to live with what you write.
Isn’t that precious?
It actually should read:
All of your friends and family, who have no idea that right-wing shitholes like Freeperville even exist, are now being treated to your brain-damaged posts scrolling through their news feed, so save your true feelings for Free Republic, where no one (certainly not that Tommy T character) can see what you’re really like.
Glad we got that straightened out.
Lastly, it’s time to Make Saudi Arabia Greatly Great Again!
Waitaminnit – “M-SAGGA”?  Sounds like a description of The Darnold’s triple chin.
Trump in Riyadh: Lockheed to assemble Black Hawk choppers in Saudi Arabia …
The National ^ | May 21, 2017 | Dania Saadi
Posted on 5/21/2017, 9:38:55 AM by sukhoi-30mkiRIYADH // Lockheed Martin said on Sunday it inked a US$28 billion deal with Saudi Arabia to supply a wide range of military equipment and set up a facility to assemble about 150 S-70 Black Hawk helicopters.

The deal is part of an estimated $110bn of defence agreements signed on Saturday between the US and Saudi Arabia, where President Donald Trump is leading a high-level delegation on his first international trip since taking office.

The Lockheed deals will create 18,000 skilled jobs in the US and thousands of jobs in Saudi Arabia as both countries seek to be active in job creation as part of their political mandates. Saudi Arabia has outlined Vision 2030 that aims to develop new industries such as defence and lower foreign defence purchases, while President Trump is keen to support US job creation.

More than 50 per cent of Saudi Arabia’s military spending is envisaged to be sourced locally by 2030 under Vision 2030, the brainchild of deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

1 posted on 5/21/2017, 9:38:55 AM by sukhoi-30mki
What am I saying?
To: sukhoi-30mki
The Saudis can buy the best equipment in the world and it would not matter. Their common soldiers and pilots thus far have demonstrated no real competence or martial spirit. their performance in Yemen has been abysmal. The reality is that they are unwilling to die on behalf of the vile, corrupt Saudi “royals”. Soon the wealth and brutal repressions will not be able to stop the inevitable. Islamic culture is not compatible with the values, institutions and practices of modernity. The chronic violence and instability in the Mideast is the result of Islamic culture’s inability to transform or respond to the challenge of modernity. Despite the oil wealth, “Saudi” Arabia is a poor investment. 

4 posted on 5/21/2017, 9:48:47 AM by allendale

Money is money, dickhead. Do you think he actually gives a avian fornication where it comes from?
To: sukhoi-30mki

Saudi Arabia wants Sami to be one of the world’s top 25 defence companies by 2030 as it seeks to add thousands of manufacturing jobs and diversify its income away from oil.

This is a technology transfer, whether anyone will call it that or not. Sikorsky is also now producing, or soon will be producing helicopters in India.

Once the Saudis (and Indians) learn the technology and manufacturing processes of producing various weapons systems, it’ll be so long American company which mostly invented and developed the products others want to eventually produce.

The same goes for just about every produce a US company ever produced in China.

I think for military weapons, US companies should produce them in the US and sell them where allowed around the world, but this scheme will mostly serve to set up foreign nations to produce their own weapons in the future.

6 posted on 5/21/2017, 9:49:32 AM by Will88
One Freeper sees an issue with this whole thing, but wants some clarification :
To: sukhoi-30mki
Ok, can someone here explain a few things to me, not yelling at me, just a few oddball questions here. Honestly I was cheering yesterday at the display happening Riyadh. Until a few quirky brain cells fired up…and here’s what they thought.
The 9/11 hijackers came from here.
Rudy turned down money offered by SA to rebuild.
Isn’t Saudi Arabia the one supporting rebels in Syria?
Why in that case, would we willing do business in arms like this?
McCain must be cheering in the background!
Obama OK’d a nuclear Iran…
Trump cuts a $110 billion dollar deal with Saudi…
Can anyone really explain to me what we are doing? Other than a change in administration, what is the end game here? Our security? It sure seems like we’re playing with fire and what? We haven’t been burned enough already? 

13 posted on 5/21/2017, 10:01:10 AM by EBH (As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.)

No one responded to EBH’s post.
No one.
Well, hopefully you’re all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.
I’m not going to trot out “In Flanders Fields” for you this year, but rather, leave you with this much more pithy method of expressing the same idea.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. “It sure seems like we’re playing with fire and what? We haven’t been burned enough already? ”

    sounds like the Kool-Aide is starting to wear off. Quick, get the new batch mixed up and distributed, stat! “Crooked Hitlery conspired with Zombie OBL to frame Jared!”

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