Profanity = State Sanctioned Violence Against Minorities

Every time I think we’ve reached Peak Both Sides, another mountain rears up in the distance: 

But now it isn’t just Mr. Trump. In their new “resistance” mode, Democrats have become just as nasty. Tom Perez, the Democrats’ new national chairman, has already earned notoriety for his use of profanity at rallies. At some of them, he has trouble speaking because the anti-Trump heckling is so loud.

Does no one have an editor anymore? Doesn’t someone in the newsroom say something like, hey, I read your piece, and I was just thinking that the power differential is so vast between “heckler at a rally” and PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED FUCKING STATES that applying laughably malleable “standards” to both is like asking your 8th grader and your dog to do math homework and getting mad when Fido pisses on the long division? I mean what the SHIT.

Whoops. More profanity. It’s just like I herded two dozen foreigners into a concentration camp with my filthy word hole.

For those of you not lucky enough to live through this during the early days of both the Iraq War and liberal political blogging, this was the entirety of the argument against us: Yes, you may be right, but you are right in a way that makes me feel bad, so therefore you are wrong. Because you smell. Hippie.

Like there were entire protests that got invalidated because someone wore the wrong T-shirt.

It was infuriating then and it’s infuriating now, for lots of reasons the very least of which was that nobody was chiding wingnuts to stop burning Obama in effigy and making birth certificate jokes and waving Confederate flags around because it would make THEM look bad, albeit for actually being bad, not for being right. Just fuck these people, is my point. Fuck them for a lot of things, but mostly for only being able to get offended by the word fuck.


2 thoughts on “Profanity = State Sanctioned Violence Against Minorities

  1. It’s a lazy way to think and requires no critical thinking, the result is that they will not be called an arm of the liberal media, which is apparently anyone who dares to long on the fact that the right is batshit crazy
    I have used this example for years as to how lame the both sides do it argumanat is. Two people sitting at a table , person on the left lifts up his hand and bangs on the table to make a point, a move with little force and does not even shake the table . The man on the right responds with a violent strike to the table , breaking the table and in the process the entire table , legs and all fall to the ground.
    The media reports the table was broke and on the ground after both sides hit the table.
    And in theory they are not incorrect , both sides did hit the table , but to say that with the inuendo that they both caused the table to break is the key to the both sides do it, knowing to well that it is false, the Mathew dowds of the world are perfectly conecomfortable arguing g that they both hit the table , therefore equally to blame for the tables demise. Lazy and lack of critical thinking is the new standard for pundits to use so they can be considered fair, fucking drives me nuts

  2. It’s like these concern trolls I see erupting everywhere with the talking points that Democrats need to stop talking about impeachment and not complaining about Rump all the time.

    Screw them. I’m tired of always being on the losing side, and it’s because of gutless excesses of caution like that.

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