Today on Tommy T’s Can’t Even – Runaway muse edition

Hi, folks – taking a break this week. Combination of nothing new in Freeperville (besides the inevitable crowing that The Darnold was all alone in that G20 pic because he’s better than everyone else there and they’re just jealous) and general fed-upness.

Speaking of fed up, here’s the surf and turf portion (broccoli was still steaming) of last night’s dinner.


Congratulations – my contribution to First Draft has now turned into a bad Facebook page.

There’s an APB out on my muse, and hopefully they’ll find her before she gets a new identity and a plane ticket to Fiji.

If only I’d gotten a comment on my last post……..

2 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Can’t Even – Runaway muse edition

  1. Begging is very unbecoming, Tommyl And it does NOT work!

    Hey, wait a minute…

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