I know I’ll wither so peel away the bark: Game of Thrones Thread



Quick takes: HOT PIE! Happy, alive, giving good bakery! It’s nice to see that not all is grim among the peasantry.

FUCK SHIT JESUS, that crusty pus mess with Jorah and Sam. Uuuuuuuuugggggh. I was eating a late dinner when this aired and that took care of my appetite. Though I love the callback to Lord Commander Mormont and Sam’s role in the Night’s Watch, that was beautiful.

THEON. Is the worst, next to the two lesbians-until-graduation who seemed to be inviting him into a threesome. Did Theon and Yara just, like, forget that they had a crazy uncle with his own bunch of ships out there, or did they think he wouldn’t attack them? Stupid vs. stupid, plus don’t invite your brother to watch while you tongue-bathe your new girl-toy. Yick.

DORNE is like if cringe-comedy was a kingdom.

FINALLY, somebody who’s not completely thrilled to have the counsel of Lord Varys. I’ve always said the dumbest thing Robert Baratheon did in a list of dumb things including marrying Cersei was not beheading Varys the instant he took over. While I wish Dany had let Drogon make Varys a corn dog, at least she isn’t pretending he’s anything but himself.

SECOND FINALLY, somebody telling Lord Tommy Carcetti to keep his Littlefingers off of Sansa. You don’t need him anymore, the Vale is already there, everybody’s all hot for the King in the North and the entirely separate character that is His Outfit, you don’t need Petyr around squinting anymore. He sold Sansa to be raped by Ramsey Bolton. I’d suggest we feed him to Ghost but …

WHERE IS GHOST? Ghost is the worst. Jon’s about to take Davos, the only guy he has who knows shit about shit, into a literal nest of dragons and the only thing that would make Jon even slightly impressive to Dany is rolling in with his giant furry homie. Yet Ghost is nowhere to be seen. Is he in detention? Did he eat somebody’s pony? #FreeGhost

If something traumatic happens to you when you’re young, the theory goes, some part of you is that age forever.

Arya sent her wolf away, to save her. She sent Nymeria into the woods and threw rocks at her until she left, to save Nymeria from Cersei. Arya couldn’t save her father or her brothers or her mother, but she saved Nymeria. She left the wild wolf girl she was behind in those woods, but in her darkest hours, as she clutched Needle and whispered her names, she knew Nymeria hunted.

The way the years fell away from her face when they saw each other. Maisie Williams is a genius. I know we were supposed to be sad Nymeria didn’t go with her, but Arya’s not ready to join the pack yet. Better she keep some part of herself free.

Sansa was sold in marriage to Joffrey, sold the fairy tale all girls are sold, that beautiful ladies marry noble knights and rule peaceful kingdoms. Joffrey beat and humiliated her, killed her father in front of her, and of the many things she’ll never admit to is how angry she is at Ned for it all.

So when Jon Snow proposed to walk into a house that wasn’t his, to appeal to a queen for friendship, it’s no wonder she lost her mind. If she could go back, she’d say to her father what she said to Jon: This is a trap, don’t do this, I love you, please don’t die.

Tyrion Lannister grew up rejected by his family for everything, including his rightful inheritance of Casterly Rock. When Jaime joined the Kingsguard, the castle should have been Tyrion’s, but his father denied it. Danaerys wants the Iron Throne because she thinks it was stolen from her father; Tyrion has walked the halls he thinks were stolen from him. Is it any wonder that, given the chance, he’d try to take it back?

This is a story about power, first and foremost. Always has been. And nothing but nothing has power like something you thought you’d conquered, long ago, rising up inside you to lay a claim.