Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Mighty Quinn

Another Wednesday, another Sixties psychedelic album cover. I’m familiar with the loopy grandeur of Manfred Mann’s hit version of Bob Dylan’s The Mighty Quinn but I’d never seen the album before. It has a wicked cool cover by Victor Moscoso who got his start as one of the Fillmore poster artists. Moscoso has persisted and thrived since he executed this album cover in 1968.

The back cover is nothing to write home about. It’s a pity that the band is not depicted in Eskimo regalia sitting outside an igloo. Now that would be cool.

It was not exactly a shocker that this album isn’t online. Here’s the smash hit title track:

One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Mighty Quinn

  1. I always liked “Ha ha, said the clown”.
    Just listened to it and can’t imagine why.
    Perhaps it’s the odd time signatures?

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