Album Cover Art Wednesday: Curfew Covers

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu imposed a curfew during the run up to Hurricane Nate. He kept changing the times but left it in place until we were obviously in the clear. It was simultaneously annoying and confusing. It did, however, give me the idea for this post as did Michael Tisserand who posted the first cover on social media. Thank you, sir.

The next one comes from a Calypso artist who apparently needed to check someone else’s watch:

The last cover is the weirdest of a weird bunch. Oy, just oy.

Let’s hear some Calypso, mon:


One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Curfew Covers

  1. Trini’s beat the USA last night. I suspect there are some parties going on there. Do ya think?

    Let’s hear some of that. First up 2017 Big band Panorama champs, Massey Trinidad All Stars.

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