Friday Catblogging: Solo Artist

People continue to ask how Della Street is doing since her beloved big brother died. She remains confused but she’s decided sitting in my lap is not a bad thing to do. It took ten years but better late than never. Besides, Oscar was usually on my lap so she started sitting on Dr. A about a year ago.  .

Della is not sure she likes being a solo artist after ten years in Oscar’s band, but we need to give it a bit more time before we get another cat. People keep trying to give us kittens but we’re resolute. For now.

Here’s an old photo of Della in a basket:

4 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Solo Artist

  1. i love her face. Cats DO react to losing a housemate. I remember years ago one of our cats died and we brought him home to be buried in the yard. We dug the hole and deposited the body of the cat and completed filling in the grave. As we sat down to rest, we noticed that one-by-one the surviving cats walked up to the grave, sniffed around, sat for a few minutes and walked away. It was touching.

  2. We had a brace o’ kitties at chez gratuitous. Nadia was the most social cat I’ve ever seen. She loved being around humans, loved being on body. Would snuggle under the bed covers, something that cats don’t usually like, just to be up against human skin. Her running buddy, Photinia, apparently just decided she couldn’t compete with that, and always seemed a bit snooty and stand-offish.

    Nadia predeceased Pho, and after a brief period of adjustment, Pho began being more affectionate, hopping up into vacant laps and sleeping on the bed (though not under the covers; she had boundaries). It was an interesting development in a cat we both thought was too long in the tooth to change her ways.

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