A Very Stable Genius or a Horse’s Ass?

That’s a rhetorical question. I think you know where I come down. I’ll skip the jokes about cleaning out the Augean Stables but it’s what the next Oval One will have to do. That’s recent American history in a nusthell: Democratic presidents cleaning up messes made by their Republican predecessors. The Insult Comedian will leave steaming piles of shit everywhere. So much for skipping the stable jokes. I was not up to the Herculean task of restraining myself.

There was a parade of crazy, no make that a freak parade, last week. I’m glad that the president* raised the subject of his mental incapacity in the wake of the Wolff book because the MSM has been reluctant to do so. At a minimum, he’s extremely insecure about his intelligence. Nobody who is secure in their intelligence talks about their “very good brain” or calls themselves a “very stable genius.” That’s a sign of raging insecurity and, in this instance, horse’s assery and downright lunacy. Believe me.

Genius is one of those words that is overused and misapplied. Genuine geniuses are few and far between in any field of endeavor. When I was a kid, I tested at the genius level IQ-wise. Was I then or have I ever been a genius? Absolutely not. I used to get solicitations from MENSA and I always threw them away. The group sounds like a self-congratulatory circle jerk to me.

Donald Trump is not a very stable genius, he’s a very unstable menace. I think he’s mentally ill but I agree with something Josh Marshall wrote the other day:

That brings us back to the point. It’s really only the behavior that matters to us as citizens. A diagnosis would only be helpful to learn about behavior we don’t know about or predict future endangering behavior. Since we know about the behavior we’re talking about, none of that matters or applies. In common sense, every day rather than clinical language Trump is clearly unstable, erratic, impulsive. In a word, he’s nuts and not well. As citizens, we are entirely able and entitled to make these determinations. They are ordinary English language descriptors that the psychiatric profession doesn’t control and shouldn’t want to control. The entire debate over whether Trump is “mentally ill” is simply a diversion, premised on the idea that we need either permission or dictation to say he is not able to safely or competently fulfill the job of President. We don’t. The observed behavior is really all that is necessary and all that matters. It’s very clear.

It is indeed. Josh has a “very good brain” but he’s not a “very stable genius.” Believe me.

Repeat after me: it’s the behavior, not the diagnosis that matters.

Speaking of freak parades, the last word goes to Todd Rundgren and Utopia:

5 thoughts on “A Very Stable Genius or a Horse’s Ass?

  1. “Stable genius”. I remember when Albert Einstein & Stephen Hawking said the same thing!!! OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you have to say “you are a stable g.. ahhhh…!
    Stable Horses’ ASS!

    1. MENSA *IS* a self-congratulatory circle jerk. I joined at my mother’s insistence and went to exactly TWO meetings. I had never seen such a group of people so ill-equipped for life, or blithely ignorant of how the world (and society) worked in my life.
      All they wanted to do was jockey for position and claim a higher IQ than anybody else in the room.

      I’m surprised I lasted two meetings.

  2. Hey it boils down to this …the consensus is growing stronger and getting bigger each and every news cycle . In our guts …we know he is nuts!
    THIS mother fucker IS crazy!

  3. This Dumb Shit Asshole is Super Stupid. The Motherfucker did not pass the Third Grade Multiplication test.
    Watch the Stable Genius doing an oral multiplication test here:

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