Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “He sold us out” edition

I gotta tell you guys – after last week’s ceremonial under-the-bus-throwing of Steverino Bannon, I figured that the Freeperati were now completely out of people to disown.

I was wrong.

Trump says he’ll ‘take the heat’ for bipartisan immigration reform
NY Post ^ | January 9, 2018 | Bob Fredericks

Posted on 1/9/2018, 2:29:58 PM by EinNYC

President Trump on Tuesday said he’d be willing to “take the heat” if Democrats and Republicans can push through comprehensive immigration reform — calling for “a bill of love.”

Trump reiterated his demand that any deal to protect the so-called “Dreamers” — undocumented immigrants protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — would have to include funding for his border wall.

So, OP – what do you think?

What the HELL? Since when is Trump taking instruction from the RINO Lindsey Graham, who really should in all honesty hang out his dummcrap placard? Why, with a majority in the House and the Senate, must immigration reform be a “bipartisan” issue? That is politi-speak for SELLOUT. Why should we allow illegal invaders to stay in our country? Does his “compromise” include the continuation of chain migration, immigration lottery, and anchor babies? Just to get a wall, allowing those things to continue is hardly worth it, and then the dummocraps get ALL THEIR AGENDA FULFILLED. Dummocrap voters forever. So if having “Republicans” as a majority in the House and the Senate is not enough to get rid of these filthy stinking illiterate disease-ridden cheating invaders, what will it take? Why does Trump think he has to take any “suggestions” from the likes of sellouts to the American people like Pelosi and Schumer, professional criminals? I am so disgusted, I could spit.
1 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:29:58 PM by EinNYC
Otherwise, OK?
To: EinNYC


Wow, it is getting depressing.

2 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:31:22 PM by central_va (I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)

You misspelled “hilarious”.
To: EinNYC


Then Trump will be a one term president.

3 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:31:23 PM by ealgeone

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.7 term

4 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:31:46 PM by central_va (I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)

But enough about Mueller….
To: EinNYC

We don’t need no stinkin’ bill of love!

How precious!

Bannon screwed up BIGLY. He might have provided a conscience and kept them honest if he had only kept the cork in the bottle.

I don’t think that Bannon’s been able to keep any cork in its bottle for some time now. Just sayin’…

As soon as Bannon is dumped, the Grahamnisty and “Bill Of Love” poison bubbles to the surface.

9 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:36:35 PM by Governor Dinwiddie (CNN is fake news.)

Hey  – you and your Freeper fucktoys were the ones who wanted him dumped.
Or was that last week?
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He is sounding more and more like Yeb. Makes me sick

12 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:37:28 PM by nbenyo

Yumpin Yimminy!
To: Governor Dinwiddie


For God sake Bannon better clean up his act and get back in the game. The wheels are starting to wobble and may fall off.

14 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:37:59 PM by central_va (I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)

To: EinNYC


“Bill of Love” = Democratic landslide in 2018. Does Trump have anyone advising him?

22 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:45:06 PM by LydiaLong

Oh deary deary dear…..
(wipes eyes)
To: Truthoverpower


Here comes where we get screwed.

41 posted on 1/9/2018, 3:08:34 PM by Mouton (The MSM is a clear and present danger to the republic.)

You voted for The Darnold, and you’re surprised that he’s screwing you?
Are we talking about the same Trump?
More fears from the vale of tears after the Love Bill…

Never too early for – the post of the thread!
To: mrmeyer


Welcome to FR.

A site full of emotional people, who pretend to be tough, that will toss the nation into a hole because of a news story.

31 posted on 1/9/2018, 2:51:30 PM by VanDeKoik

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends….
Some Freepers try to fight back:
To: EinNYC
Days like this, FR is worse than worthless.

except for the entertainment value…

Trump is, as he has demonstrated, the MOST conservative president in decades, actually enacting the MOST conservative policies since Reagan.

If by “enacting conservative policies” you mean “Playing golf and pissing and moaning impotently on Twitter”, then yeah.

He has earned his supporters’ trust. You keyboard warriors need to watch and learn how the ball is advanced.

From what I’m seeing,  he’s advancing the ball about as well as Marcus Marioa  did against Derrick Johnson.

This issue will be perfectly negotiated and perfectly executed.


Illegal immigration is ALREADY down 45% under Trump through just the man’s sheer force of will.


The wall is happening.


Meanwhile, you should all be ashamed.

I’ll say.  Poor Bannon.

I have no time for this place’s whining. FR cannot hold a candle to CTH.

46 posted on 1/9/2018, 3:18:30 PM by M. Thatcher

Crack Total Haters?
Cruising The Hood?
Comb That Hair?
Cunt Twitter Hater?
Cocktail Tossing Hitler?
The mind gobbles.
To: central_va


Gosh, he’s selling out faster than I ever thought he would. There will not be a border wall if DACA is already addressed to the satisfaction of liberals in both parties.

49 posted on 1/9/2018, 3:27:33 PM by Theodore R.

Figured that out all on your own, did ya?
To: EinNYC

I hope the Dems impeach him for his treason .We were fooled .

He is DC. cheap labor sell out all along . Lets(sic) the Dems destroy him .

He destroyed my country .

Treasonous snake .

55 posted on 1/9/2018, 3:32:58 PM by ncalburt (he)
“Me golden idol is tarnished”
Don’t worry, folks.
All is now forgiven, and all it took was one single “shithole”.

To: BeauBo

Probably more fake news, just to try to smear Trump.

I hope not. This is the Trump I voted for!

Yes, these places are shitholes, primarily due to the people who live there and we

certainly don’t need them coming over here.

33 posted on 1/11/2018, 4:08:16 PM by Drew68


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  1. “Yes, these places are shitholes, primarily due to the people who live there”

    But enough about FR and the shits that inhabit it, what about immigration?

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