Sunday Night Catblogging

After a brief hiatus of hissing and chasing, Slade and Ada remembered they were brother and sister, and have spent the past couple of weeks tearing through the house after one another, fighting over the same toy even though there are three identical versions of it one foot away from them at all times, and biting me when I try to use the phone or computer.


They’re settling in well and we’re having a lot of fun with them. Ada’s a bit more shy than her brother. He’ll trot right up to new people and introduce himself, while she likes to hide under a chair for a while. She also holds a grudge; I accidentally stepped on her foot while cleaning one day and she hid under the TV stand for an HOUR until it was time for dinner.

We’ve tried to set ground rules, like having them sleep in the basement where there are ample pet beds and food/water/litterboxes, and not giving them human food, but Kick has already tried to feed them things she doesn’t like without us seeing, and they blew her cover by meowing loudly for MOAR.

Furry little snitches.


One thought on “Sunday Night Catblogging

  1. Awwwwwwww. Such perfect kittens.


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