‘An Apparent Casualty of the #MeToo Movement’

I love how he’s a victim of those mean women, and not, you know, a CASUALTY OF HIS SHITTY CHOICES AND BEHAVIOR: 

HARRISBURG — Marcel Groen, chairman of Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party, has resigned at the request of Gov. Wolf, he said in a letter released Friday morning, an apparent casualty of the #metoo movement.

The linked article has been updated to remove this language but … da fuq were you thinking in the first place? How is the #MeToo “movement” (if women not wanting to have dicks shoved at them in the workplace is a movement and not just, you know, LIFE) taking casualties now? It’s not like this guy stepped in front of a bus.

Every day I’m astonished anew by the number of people who think it is somehow difficult to avoid being accused of sexual harassment and that this “movement” will somehow “take them down.” Bros, it is your own behavior that is taking you down. Don’t touch your secretary’s tits and she will not sue you for touching her tits. Knock it the fuck off.


One thought on “‘An Apparent Casualty of the #MeToo Movement’

  1. The blog post implies that Mr. Groen engaged in misconduct (“touching your secretary’s ….”) — none of the stories claimed that he personally engaged in any misconduct. He was removed as party chair because he did not take the approach of “upon an accusation, execute then investigate” with respect to several Pennsylvania Democrats accused of misconduct (i.e., giving them time to tell their side of the story is not an acceptable attitude) and also for not torching the Republican congressman who paid a settlement out of office funds. That choice of political tactics does not constitute personal misconduct or bad behavior by Mr. Groen.

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