Sunday Catblogging: Ada Byron Lovelace

As the kittens grow we’re seeing more and more of their personalities. Slade is basically a dog. He’ll play fetch for HOURS. He’s vocal and tells us when he wants attention and when something’s wrong. The other day he wouldn’t shut up and I figured he was just bitching about his food, but his bowl was full and he’d already snarfed half a can of his disgusting wet food. I tried ignoring him but after a while he started nipping at my ankles so I did a quick round of the house to see if anything was the matter and who do I find but his sister, trapped in a room because I’d closed a door behind her without knowing she was there. So Slade acquired another nickname: Lassie.

Ada’s quieter and more shy. Kick threw a rager of a preschool birthday party last weekend and Ada hid under the dresser the entire time, glaring at all these new people in her house. She prefers cuddling to playtime and loves best to snuggle up under or in something furry. We bought a cheap furry skin-rug from IKEA and she made passionate kitty love to it all afternoon.

She’s also a bread thief. I came downstairs one day to find the half a loaf of bread I’d been planning to use for French toast scattered all over the basement, with Herself looking innocent whilst surrounded by crumbs. We own a breadbox now.


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