Today on “Obsession” – “Who’s a-fraid of the N-R-A – the N.R.A. – the N.R.A?”

Last Thursday, Michael F said :

“Hmm…you don’t often hear the person who’s job is to see the laws be faithfully executed say fuck the law…

But, best as I can tell, the wingnut response has been…crickets. Nothing.”

Well, let’s go to Wingnut Central and have a look-see. (composite thread)

‘I think you’re afraid of the NRA’: Trump blasts Republican lawmakers in bipartisan meeting
businessinsider ^ | February 28, 2018 | Michelle Mark

Posted on 2/28/2018, 3:25:32 PM by Berlin_Freeper

President Donald Trump held a freewheeling White House meeting on Wednesday to discuss various gun-control measures, at one point jabbing a Republican senator over his reluctance to raise the age of all gun purchases to 21 from 18.

“I think you’re afraid of the NRA,” Trump said to Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, arguing that raising the age limit was “something we have to think about.”

“A lot of people are afraid to bring it up,” Trump said, referring to the National Rifle Association’s vehement opposition to the proposal. Some Democrats, such as Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, smiled and nodded at Trump’s remarks.

Toomey said his reservations were due to fear that such a regulation would punish the “vast majority” of 19- and 20-year-olds in his state who own rifles or shotguns and are “law-abiding citizens.”

1 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:25:32 PM by Berlin_Freeper
Aaand – we’re off!
To: Berlin_Freeper


Dumb move. He is being ill advised.

4 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:27:45 PM by facedown (Armed in the Heartland)

To: facedown


Ill advised? Try, these are his beliefs which is far more troubling

7 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:32:40 PM by Jarhead9297

To: Berlin_Freeper


Trump’s burning political capital with a blowtorch. Watch his approval ratings plummet.

9 posted on2/28/2018, 3:34:30 PM by Paine in the Neck ( Socialism consumes EVERYTHING!)

“Plummet”? How the hell do you “plummet” from < 40%?
To: facedown

>> Dumb move. He is being ill advised.

I have found that Trump’s “off the cuff” remarks are the ones that most illustrate his mindset, and Trump himself has said as much. I don’t think this is about being ill advised, I think this is what Trump believes.

Even if it’s not, Trump said it, and he’s the President.

19 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:40:14 PM by af_vet_rr
To: Paine in the Neck


I supported him. I have questioned some of his choices. This has done it for me. If he goes along with chipping away at the 2A, I am done.

21 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:41:20 PM by ozaukeemom (9/11/01 Never Forget. Never.)

Apparently, you’re not familiar with the Trump doctrine of “I already got what I want out of you, now fuck off”.
To: Berlin_Freeper


And you’re afraid of the Deep State, Mr. Trump. Hope Hicks just quit you and that just may be the beginning.

23 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:42:10 PM by TTFlyer

The Trump-fellators are quick to respond:
To: Lagmeister


all this fearmongering is silly.

Trump is on our side. He is playing these Demon Rat thugs.

39 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:51:41 PM by SoFloFreeper
To: P-Marlowe


“Trump is a populist not a conservative. Sometimes popular ideas are conservative and sometimes they are idiotic. This is an example of Trump being an idiot.”

That kind of nails it.

41 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:52:10 PM by ought-six (Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)

To: Berlin_Freeper


He’s gone mad. Alas. If we wanted bs or threats against our constitutional rights we could have elected HilLIARy. We need to find a good honest reliable conservative non-GOP-e candidate asap for the next election

82 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:57:59 PM by faithhopecharity (“Politicans aren’t born, they’re excreted.” -Marcus Tillius Cicero (3 BCE))

I’m sensing a just a bit of dissatisfaction here…
To: Berlin_Freeper


6% approval rating by morning.

Great call. Stab your supporters in the back because CNN cries for a week.

WHERE’S MY ******* WALL!!!!

90 posted on 2/28/2018, 5:22:09 PM by The Toll

Where, indeed?
After the jump – The Darnold suggests seizing guns first and worrying about due process later, and the Freeperati have a collective aneurysm.

To: veracious


Wow. “Afraid of the NRA..” what great material for every democrapper to use come election time. Trump can be a bonehead at times.

113 posted on 2/28/2018, 7:06:40 PM by whistleduck (“….the calm confidence of a Christian with 4 aces”…..S.)

And water can be wet at times.
To: tschatski


“I hope he isn’t selling out.”

Well, what he’s saying in this meeting should not give us any comfort, and the Rats are getting all giddy. So, what does that tell you? My jaw dropped watching this.

14 posted on 2/28/2018, 2:50:09 PM by ought-six (Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)

To: tschatski


just tuned in; VERY concerning that they’re talking about taking guns immediately, etc., etc…holy crap. What’s to stop every gov’t, trump and beyond, from deeming people mental and then taking their guns!!!!!!!

40 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:01:11 PM by spacejunkie2001

To: tschatski


It looks like a train wreck.

52 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:05:46 PM by Red Steel

To: tschatski


Better hide the guns you want to keep cause sooner or later they are coming after them

58 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:09:01 PM by ATOMIC_PUNK (I think therefore im Dangerous to the liberal agenda !)

Actually, all everyone wants is to keep guns out of the hands of shit-stupid extremists who want to kill anyone who’s not like them, and…………um…………..
Nevermind. You’re right. They’re coming after your guns.

To: Mouton

Why do WE have to give something up whenever the Dems whip up a public frenzy with their paid for actors.

The Darnold is a “paid for actor”?

You don’t capitulate to children throwing a temper tantrum.

63 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:10:01 PM by Skywise

That’s right. You just have to shoot them dead in their classrooms. Trumps capitulation every time.
To: mooncoin


Scalise and VP Pence are sitting there stone-faced while DiFi and Amy Klobuchar get giddy at Trump’s comments.

92 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:29:08 PM by ought-six (Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)

I don’t believe that for a second!
To: ought-six

just look at that face

89 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:25:49 PM by mooncoin
OK – maybe for just a second….

To: ought-six

He loses me a little bit every time he opens his fat mouth.

So – like every hour or so that he’s not asleep?

I’m mostly happy with what he’s done so far, but he needs to cut the bullshit.

93 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:29:11 PM by NYleatherneck

If The Darnold cut all the bullshit out, he’d be 4’9″ and weigh 83 pounds.
To: Skywise

He’s selling us out and guaranteeing the Dems will take both houses in 2018.

He also just said police in Florida should have took Cruz’s guns no matter what the law said. Getting close to jump the shark territory there. God help us.

100 posted on 2/28/2018, 3:35:42 PM by itsahoot (There will be division, as long as there is money to be divided.)
Did he now?

Trump: ‘Take the guns first, go through due process second’ The Hill ^ Posted on 2/28/2018, 4:10:16 PM by RevelationDavidPresident Trump on Wednesday voiced support for confiscating guns from certain individuals deemed to be dangerous, even if it violates due process rights.“I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.

1 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:10:16 PM by RevelationDavid
It’s epiphany time!
To: RevelationDavid
Sorry, Trump, but cops must obey the LAW. As must YOU! Trump, you CANNOT ban Bumpfire stocks by Executive Order. Everyone will IGNORE it, and you will look FOOLISH. 

2 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:12:28 PM by 2harddrive

Trump will look foolish?
To: donna
So much for Trump. Nice ride while it lasted. Who’s next? 

14 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:19:23 PM by Hartlyboy

To: RevelationDavid


Is he flipping out?

23 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:20:59 PM by onedoug
To: RevelationDavid
I have no problem with seizing guns from the mentally ill. 

53 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:33:33 PM by Rome2000 (SMASH THE CPUSA-SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS-CLOSE ALL MOSQUES)

To: RevelationDavid
With this in place under Obama, he’d have taken Freepers guns. 

51 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:33:31 PM by umgud

To: RevelationDavid
Okay, Mr. Trump. I’ve seen enough. 

65 posted on2/28/2018, 4:40:40 PM by chris37 (Take a week off racist >;-)

To: jyo19
IMO, it’s plain treason. 

66 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:41:13 PM by Kalamata (Meat hooks for Tyrants)

To: RevelationDavid
I am done. The 2A and abortion are my litmus test. Yes, I want the wall and getting rid of obamacare. But, those are my top priorities.
I feel like a fool. 

68 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:42:11 PM by ozaukeemom (9/11/01 Never Forget. Never.)

Well, if it’s any consolation, you also look like one.
To: 2harddrive
May God HElp America if he really said that! I don’t believe it!! 

75 posted on 2/28/2018, 4:47:16 PM by faithhopecharity (“Politicans aren’t born, they’re excreted.” -Marcus Tillius Cicero (3 BCE))

TrumpFakeNews (2)
To: RevelationDavid
405 days since Trump has been elected. 0 miles, 0 feet, 0 inches of new border wall built. And now Trump wants to violate the 2nd, 4th, and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution.
94 posted on 2/28/2018, 5:04:35 PM by thegagline (The Setup, The Ultimate Target)
Otherwise, OK?
To: af_vet_rr
I can’t say what I think. I’m furious. 

108 posted on 2/28/2018, 5:13:39 PM by SE Mom (Screaming Eagle mom)

To: RevelationDavid
Dear God, save us from this insane man! If I had known Trump was so weak on due process, if I had known he supported gun bans (which he LIED about), I certainly wouldn’t have voted for him. And I sure won’t vote for him in 2020. 

138 posted on 2/28/2018, 5:32:55 PM by backwoods-engineer (Enjoy the decline of the American empire.)

To: RevelationDavid
OK, “Trump walks on water” people, defend THIS insanity.
162 posted on 2/28/2018, 5:52:57 PM by alstewartfan (Lines of coffee cups on parade. Soldiers for keeping the night away. Al Stewart in Delia’s Gone)
To: faithhopecharity
“May God HElp America if he really said that! I don’t believe it!!”
Believe it. He said it. And the Rats are going to play that clip on every commercial, at every rally, every convention, etc. 

166 posted on 2/28/2018, 5:56:14 PM by ought-six (Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)

There’s about 800 more posts on these threads, but I think you get the gist of it.
One last comment :
To: RevelationDavid
Freepers made their bed.
Now they gotta sleep in it.
Advance warning was given early and often. 

327 posted on 3/1/2018, 3:30:48 AM by AmericanInTokyo ( Living in denial sucks. Big time.)

See you good people next Monday.

5 thoughts on “Today on “Obsession” – “Who’s a-fraid of the N-R-A – the N.R.A. – the N.R.A?”

  1. I have to keep telling myself:

    “there is no peak wingnut
    there is no peak wingnut
    there is no peak wingnut…”

    Or as Buzz Lightyear would say “To INFINITY! and BEYOND!

  2. So this sig line seemed out of character for Cicero,

    faithhopecharity (“Politicans aren’t born, they’re excreted.” -Marcus Tillius Cicero (3 BCE))

    Intrigued I looked it up and found a mystery. Google suggests that the only source for this quote is “some” wacko posting on any number of winger sites, and one strange outlier. A Goodreads quote posted by username Rashid whose taste in books seem to trend towards Islam, philosophy, and Ursula le Guin.

    What is happening here? Either we have a case of two extremes bending far enough to meet on the far side, or Rashid is playing a very subtle long game against either the world of wingers, or against Goodreads. There is a story here, I am sure of it.

    For the record, Vince Lombardi did say that “Leaders aren’t born, they are made.”

  3. Freepers never fail to entertain. I remember telling one Freeper before the 2016 election that she better pray to any god she believed in and some she doesn’t that Trump didn’t get elected. My advice went unheeded.

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