Tillerson Out


Most of the time I can’t get too het up about the ins and outs here, because wow, a burning dumpster is full of garbage that is burning all the time, but THIS MAN THOUGHT HE COULD SIT IN JOHN KERRY’S CHAIR AND I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THAT.


4 thoughts on “Tillerson Out

  1. Ken Kohl says:

    jesus, he can’t even “fire” people right. At least Tillerson wasn’t stranded on the tarmac… was he?


  2. Chris says:

    And in another “nothing to see here, folks” moment, Goldstein was fired for not talking about Tillerson’s firing in the correct, White House fashion.


  3. Do you think Pompeo is a worrying appointment for Trump to make?


  4. I hate to say this.
    Tillerson’s exit speech today emphasized the Constitution, not Trump, as the primary focus of our loyalty (in government service regardless how we got there).


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