Every Day’s Just A Little Worse

No. Just no.

This is the point in that stupid story about the boiling water and the frog where the fucking smoke alarm goes off. Just in case you were confused.

It’s time, guys. It’s time to quit. It’s time to refuse to be a part of this anymore.

Forget fighting from the inside to change stuff. Forget whatever else you’ve been telling yourself about the kind of job you want to do versus the public perception of it. It’s time. Quit.

Yes, I realize what I’m saying. Yes, I’m sure you have kids to feed and a mortgage to pay. Yes, I know you got into this business to do the blah blah blah and you can still do that except for these six seconds. Yes, I know, another armchair revolutionary telling somebody else to go be broken and fight the power. I usually hate that shit.

But honest to God, you want to know who you’d have been in the war? You’d have been this: A person so afraid for their job that they’d read propaganda on-air. I can’t believe any of these people got into this business to read propaganda on-air, to read syndicated editorials bashing themselves.

Like forget your pride in any kind of truth-telling. Your boss tells you to go out there and say, “Fuck me, fuck me right in my fucking face the way I deserve to be fucked” and you do it with a smile? I thought I knew how far down this went, the depths of your abnegation, but apparently I was sounding the kiddie pool and you all were in the Mariana Trench.

Do I have far more contempt for the ownership of Sinclair Broadcasting than I do for these reporters? Of course. We should always have more contempt for the sellers of bullshit than for anyone else involved in the bullshit’s life cycle, but at this point if you work at a Sinclair-owned station you can no longer pretend you’re not at least a bullshit PROCESSOR.

We’re in fascist territory now and that means everyone who didn’t fight back is complicit. Even you, the nice traffic reporter in Kansas or whatever, just reading what he had to read to stay employed. This isn’t worth doing local profiles on the Senior of the Month and reporting on which cable company scammed some nice family out of $50. This isn’t worth getting to cover the Paris peace talks, for that matter.

To anybody who hasn’t read this crap yet? Quit. Fuck being employed if this is what it means. Burn some shit down on your way out. Ron Burgundy this shit. Put on your “what will I tell my kids someday” clothes and go to town.

I’m not just mouthing at you; I will personally run a fundraiser on this very blog for anyone who blows their pop stand up with prejudice. There are people who can’t speak up, but if you’re one of the ones who can — and chances are if you’re headlining a newscast with your hair all done, you can — and you don’t? Then you’re a part of it. It’s your face. It’s your name. The minute you speak those words you own it.

Maybe you want to. Fine. But don’t come to us later and say you wish you could have stopped it. We’ll have you on tape.


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  1. and coming soon to “Chicago’s Very Own” WGN-TV. hope it won’t slop over into the broadcasts of Sox games, which are the only things i watch in ‘GN.

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