Album Cover Art Wednesday: Let The Sunshine In

Are you ready for an art nouveau Motown cover? That’s the best description of this 1969 cover for the Supremes 16th studio album. I wasn’t able to learn who designed and executed it, which is a pity since it’s pretty darn swell.

Here’s the title track:


6 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Let The Sunshine In

  1. Kevin says:

    Sue me, but I like the late 1960s, over-Vegased, overripe Supremes better than the Motown version…

    • Peter Adrastos Athas says:

      Of course you do. But I have to be kind to the survivor of Allman gorge,

  2. Joan Kureczka says:

    That’s not art deco. It’s art nouveau. Take off on the poster style of Alphonse Mucha.

    • Peter Adrastos Athas says:

      You are correct, Joan. Wrote this one in a hurry. The beauty of internet writing is that it can be changed.

  3. M. Bouffant says:

    Great liner notes from one “Dinah Shore, Beverly Hills”.

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