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Trump gives Democrats a big health care opening for the midterms
Axios ^ | 6/11/18 | Drew Altman

Posted on 6/11/2018, 5:55:03 AM by DoodleDawg

Most of the discussion of the Trump administration’s decision not to defend the Affordable Care Act — and to urge the courts to throw out its protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions — has focused on what happens to the individual insurance market. But the political impact may be even greater.

Why it matters: Protections for people with pre-existing conditions are hugely popular, and the administration may have handed Democrats their strongest health care weapon yet — because now they can make the case that the administration has gone to court to take away protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The case is also likely to drag on, so it could be the political gift that keeps on giving through 2020, even if it is eventually thrown out.


Attacking what is just about the only really liked feature of Obamacare could come back to bite the GOP.
1 posted on 6/11/2018, 5:55:03 AM by DoodleDawg
To: relictele
Have the Dems shown they are ready to attack any actual issue? 

This just happened Friday I believe. The Democrats haven’t finished their happy dance yet.

8 posted on 6/11/2018, 6:13:32 AM by DoodleDawg
To: DoodleDawg


Insurance for those with pre-existing conditions is not insurance.

It’s like buying home owners insurance AFTER your house burns down.

5 posted on 6/11/2018, 6:09:48 AM by Flavious(sic)_Maximus

No, Dumbfuckious Maximus, it’s like buying home owner’s after your house burned down in a forest fire, and you rebuilt.

To: Flavious_Maximus
Insurance for those with pre-existing conditions is not insurance. 

Argue semantics if you want but that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the few popular features of Obamacare and the GOP is working to eliminate it without any alternative. Optics on this won’t be good.

10 posted on 6/11/2018, 6:15:29 AM by DoodleDawg
I’m sorry – you misspelled “Retards who voted for The Darnold are suddenly going to realize that they’re going to go bankrupt because of this.”
To: ConservativeMind
It is technically called a “benefit” when people are given preexisting condition coverage.  

Oh so now they want to take away a “benefit” that people really like? Just gets better and better.

13 posted on 6/11/2018, 6:16:27 AM by DoodleDawg
One of DoodleDawg’s detractors takes a swipe at him:
To: ConservativeMind
You keep sounding like someone who is happy transgender reassignment surgery being force-covered. After all, tons of people are very, very happy with it.  

And you sound like someone who doesn’t care if the Democrats take the House and/or the Senate in November.

65 posted on 6/11/2018, 9:32:49 AM by DoodleDawg
More (and shorter) short takes after the you-know-what…

This one was pretty predictable…
Fox News host sorry for calling Trump, Kim ‘two dictators’
AP ^ | June 10, 2018
Posted on 6/10/2018, 4:57:21 PM by McGruff

A Fox News host has accidentally referred to the highly anticipated summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a meeting of “two dictators.”

“Fox & Friends” co-host Abby Huntsman made the comment on Sunday as TV footage showed the Republican president landing in Singapore for a summit with Kim on Tuesday. Guest and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci didn’t catch it.

But the daughter of U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman later apologized on air for what she had said. Her gaffe still took off on Twitter.

1 posted on 6/10/2018, 4:57:21 PM by McGruff

To: McGruff


Buh-Bye, Abby. Been nice knowing you.

6 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:00:25 PM by miserare ( Indict Hillary!)

To: McGruff


That was no mistake. It was a cheap shot by a cheap piece of expensive tail. Screw Fox news.

13 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:06:42 PM by healy61

To: McGruff
Another reason why I don’t waste my time watching these Trump hating TV stooges. And people pay to watch that lying parade of propaganda? Sad.
27 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:12:44 PM by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
To: McGruff; All


Co-host, huh? Fire the bitch. These days, too many people get away with murder. There’s no more accountability for one’s actions. Anything goes. It is pathetic what this country has come to.

40 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:28:22 PM by Cobra64 (Democrats: Herd mentality exhibiting melodramatic hysterics.)

Not so fast!
To: McGruff
3 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:00:11 PM by conservative98
To: conservative98


Not guilty!!

96 posted on 6/10/2018, 6:18:56 PM by SgtHooper (If you remember the 60’s, YOU WEREN’T THERE!)

To: conservative98


Case dismissed with prejudice.

7 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:01:57 PM by conservative98

To: Robert DeLong; plain talk; conservative98


She definitely needs a good spanking. Any volunteers?

63 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:42:20 PM by BBell (not drinking, just a smart a$$)

And of course, the post of the thread!
To: conservative98


Hmm..I forgot what she said.

35 posted on 6/10/2018, 5:20:00 PM by gibsonguy

Time for one more quickie – let’s see – God chooses the biggest screw-ups!

‘Not a morally upstanding guy,’ yet Trump has the love of millions of Christian conservatives Washington Examiner ^ | June 10, 2018 12:01 AM | Salena Zito Posted on 6/10/2018, 4:07:45 AM by GonzoII

KENOSHA, Wis. — Jill Gilmore is one of those voters who have confounded both Democrats and Never Trump Republicans the most. She is a college-educated, gun-owning female conservative Republican who voted for Donald Trump. But here’s the real kicker: She is also a devout Evangelical Christian.

“In the list of what is most important to myself and my family, faith is always first,” said the striking 34-year-old mother of seven, small business owner, and community volunteer who says she and her husband teach their children daily that behavior and respect towards others is not an option, but a requirement.

Contrast the Gilmore Golden Rule with her vote for Donald Trump — who is accused of an affair with a porn star, and who does not have a reputation for politeness and respect for others — and her decision stuns the sensibilities of both his resisters and experts.

Wait for it….


To: GonzoII


Historically God has chosen the biggest screw ups for His most important work… Moses was a murderer, Saul who became Paul, Peter, St Francis …. the list is very long

6 posted on 6/10/2018, 4:34:09 AM by tired&retired (Blessings)

Well, that was kind of abrupt.
Maybe just one more quickie?
Bernie Sanders Considering 2020 Run Against Donald Trump, Former Campaign Manager Reveals
Newsweek ^ | May 29, 2018 | Alexandra Hutzler
Posted on 5/29/2018, 2:37:22 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

The campaign manager for Bernie Sanders in his 2016 presidential run hinted that the Independent senator from Vermont may run for the White House again in 2020.

Sanders is “considering another run for the presidency,” but for now is completely focused on his congressional re-election campaign in November, Jeff Weavers said in an interview with C-Span host John McArdle on Monday.

Sanders made waves as the progressive who consistently challenged former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in his 2016 primary bid. His platform largely focused on issues like universal healthcare and income equality.

When Sanders announced his candidacy for president in 2015, he was 50 points behind Clinton in almost every major national poll. But with his popularity among young Democratic voters, he closed that gap and ended up winning 22 states and about 45 percent of the pledged delegates before conceding and endorsing Clinton at the Democratic National Convention….


Yes please.
1 posted on 5/29/2018, 2:37:23 PM by 2ndDivisionVet
To: 2ndDivisionVet



10 posted on 5/29/2018, 2:46:23 PM by immadashell (Save Innocent Lives – ban gun free zones)

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