There’s No Money for Journalism

But there’s plenty to pay assholes. Always.


One thought on “There’s No Money for Journalism

  1. Nancy B says:

    In the article you link to, you have Michigan State U. changing into University of Michigan. I’m a native Chicagoan, but I know enough about the Big Ten to know that 1. They’re different schools and B) you just pissed off the entire state.

    Also, let it be noted that the $500 mil going to Larry Nassar’s victims IS TAXPAYER MONEY IN A STATE THAT IS CONSTANTLY WHINING ABOUT HOW IT DOESN’T HAVE MONEY TO GET CLEAN WATER TO ITS RESIDENTS. Among other items Michigan claims it can’t afford.

    I’m completely with you about *white male assholes* of privilege. Starting with Lord Smallgloves….


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