UPDATE THE THIRD: We did it! Thank you to everyone who contributed. This Sunday look for special Kick-and-cats-blogging in joyful celebration, and we really, really appreciate the ability to keep the lights on around here for another year!

Update II: CRAZYTOWN WE ARE ONLY $400 AWAY FROM OUR GOAL. You guys get a Kick and Catz video if you put this thing away by midnight! 

Update: WE ARE HALFWAY TO OUR GOAL AFTER 2 DAYS. You guys are amazing. Thank you all so much. Click here to keep it going! 

Hey, the earth is caving in, help us keep the lights on until it does! 

Here’s what we’d like to do this year, in addition to covering our hosting fees and getting my laptop a new battery: Continue to deal with the general stupidity of the state of government and chronicle the trash fire that is American journalism. Pay the electric bill. Keep Paul, Della, Slade, Ada and all our other asshole pets in Fancy Feast. Continue Kick’s education by buying poster board for her to spell our protest signs. COVER THE DANG MIDTERMS.

For 14 years (JESUS) we’ve only ever asked once a year for your support. Our goal this year is $1,650. Can you help us get there by next Sunday? I have something special planned if you do.


7 thoughts on “GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!

  1. “Keep Paul, Della, Slade, Ada and all our other asshole pets in Fancy Feast”

    Don’t forget Brillo Beast. She requires a special anti-ugly-doggie food.

    1. Waitaminnit… ONCE A YEAR? How can this be when the Freeps have overlapping, year-round fundraisers so they can maintain that sleek-looking website!

  2. Donating $10/month in honor of my Aunt Mickey who passed away Sunday. Her prayer card (we’re Greek Orthodox) reads in part, “Mickey was a mentor to all the young women who ever worked with her, and they adored her. She was quieter than us, but always stood for what she believed. She always voted.”
    She may not have been savvy enough in her final years to find first-draft in spite of emails and reminders, but she would have been entertained and informed by, as well as proud of, each and every one of the authors here. She was a lifelong liberal and someone whose character was unassailable, even if she was as quiet as a mouse.

      1. Thank you for the condolences. It’s a damn shame, mortality. She would heartily approve of the work you do. And she got a kick out of stories about Kick that I sent her before her decline made email impossible.

    1. Thank you so much. We Greeks have to stick together. So sorry for your loss.

      1. Thank you for the condolences, Peter. We do indeed have to stick together, whether we are liberals, Greeks, or especially liberal Greeks.

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