Friday Catblogging: Loose Screw

This week’s entry features a big ass Allen screw in the foreground of the picture. It came to us via Eddie Couvillion, the man I post about every Memorial Day. He was a salesman for Allen back in the day and it’s some kind of salesman’s sample. We took it to the Antiques Roadshow when they were in New Orleans. The experts had never seen anything like it before BUT they valued it at a mere $150-200. So it goes. The cats like it. Of course, they’re screwy


3 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Loose Screw

  1. Off by a mile. I found a 1 1/4″ x 6″ stainless steel socket head cap screw, which I am guessing is in the ballpark, I see one for $50. If it is specialized in some way maybe you can double that.

    I’m not trying to show anybody up or show off but rather am slightly surprised they took a WAG when some simple measurements and the internet would yield an actual price. Unless I am way off on my size guess.

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