Not Everything Sucks

People have a phenomenal capacity: 

The welcoming committee is trying to ensure that families make their initial check-in dates, something they feel the government should be helping with but isn’t. But they’re also trying to show another face of America to the victims of the family separation policy. “The American public is going to step in where the government has failed,” said Alida Garcia, the coalitions and policy director for, on a press call Tuesday. “It’s going to provide comfort and love and care to these families.”

Sometimes comfort looks like an airplane ticket. Sometimes it’s an impromptu “Happy Birthday” sing-along — complete with a Hostess birthday cupcake — for a 7-year-old who’s just been reunited with his mom.

In a world where no one profits from selling hate to America, we are all like this. Given the opportunity, we are like this. Given the leadership, given the path forward that is this and nothing but, we are kind and decent and brave and true.

Remember that as we get closer to November.