Friday Catblogging: The Boxer

We had a brief health scare with eleven year old Della Street. She was eating but had lost a fair amount of weight so she was a Bony Maronie cat. It turned out to be a thyroid problem. We pill Della twice daily and she’s gained a pound in the last month. She’s back in fighting form.

Now that you’ve seen Miss Street on a Coke Zero box, I’ll give Paul and Artie the last word:

5 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: The Boxer

  1. Glad she’s doing better. And I’m sure that, by “back in fighting form,” you mean, “wrapping her foreclaws around your hand and biting your tender digits as you attempt to pill her.”

    1. We discovered Greenies pill pockets. We bury in the pills in them and she’s a happy kitty camper. Best critter product ever.

  2. Best wishes for Della! If you have $1,400 to spare – they have a shot that cures that. It’s radioactive iodine – the service here is called “Radio Cat”. It is 98% effective in totally curing the problem. I did it for my 15-year old cat who was skeletal and it worked and he gained several pounds back before passing away of kidney failure.

  3. Ah, I’ve done hyperthyroidism before. Glad she’s responding to the thiamazole. My cat couldn’t tolerate it long term, but it did stabilize her heart before surgery. Radiation wasn’t an option back then because they isolated the poor cat for 6 weeks. It’s different now.

    I have blood work done twice a year on my old fart (14). So far, all his innards are jus’ peachy …

  4. Oh, yeah, I also weigh him once a week. Can you tell I’ve lived with a lot of geriatric critters?

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