War Of The Gosars: “Stalin Would Be Proud”

In between obsessing about Rod Rosenstein’s unfiring and the Kavanaugh mess, I’ve continued to monitor the fight for the House of Representatives.

I love campaign ads; at least the first time I see them. The ad of the year ran in Arizona. It features the siblings of wingnut dentist/Congresscritter Paul Gosar. They are NOT supporting their brother’s re-election bid:

Ouch. Dr/Congressman/MAGA Maggot Gosar was not amused.

I’m not sure what’s Stalinist about affordable health care for rural Arizonans. At least Gosar  didn’t call for his siblings to be liquidated. Now that would be Stalinist.

The fact that Gosar is a dentist tickles my fancy. That’s why Steve Martin gets the last word:

One thought on “War Of The Gosars: “Stalin Would Be Proud”

  1. I wanted to pretend it wouldn’t happen, but of course it did – he publicly denounced his entire family.

    I mean, they did it first. But it’s a lot easier to believe “We all think our brother is a malignant stain on the family name for being such a colossal fuckstick” than “No, they’re the crazy ones…all six of them. Now that I stated that my entire family is completely bonkers: Vote for Me! Genetics is a liberal conspiracy anyway!”

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