2 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Liquid Cat

  1. You want to have two bites at the apple: You say “It’s just a job interview”. Right. Like McDonalds. Okay, then why all the excitement? (lifetime appointment).
    Kav got heated and belligerent? Someone savaging your character and hurting your family, wouldn’t you be upset? I know i would be…
    The Dem’s lawyers during the Bill/Monica show went on and on about “no smoking gun”. And then Monica whips out the dress and say “Here, check out Bill’s semen!”. At least Monica had some evidence, and it wasn’t 35 years old. The Dem’s were really reaching on this one, and the most disturbing aspect is it shows how desperate someone is that their agenda is being threatened. Trump only has to “turn” a half dozen of these suspects and there will a reckoning.
    I think it is long overdue for the two parties to agree on minimum standards for debate. The Dem’s waited to the last possible moment to spring a “surprise witness”,leaving the Kavanaugh team very little time to organize a defense to what are verbal allegations with no supporting witnesses. There was no crime report filed because there was no crime. Men everywhere are shaking there heads at the cynicism of a female psychologist.
    Meanwhile we are still bombing the crap out of Yemen. Some real crimes going on….

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