Friday Catblogging: Large Cat In A Small Box

I’m not the best photographer, which is why most of the pictures of our cats you see here were taken by Dr. A. I took this one of Paul Drake and it’s not half bad.

4 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Large Cat In A Small Box

  1. friedab2015 says:

    Beautiful = leuk, lief, mooi, helemaal `n kat … Kater? Poesje? I love all cats: big and little, a small pussy-cat … * * Amsterdam * vrijdag 26 – 10 -2018

  2. Kevin says:

    He’s got so much personality – it shines in photos.

  3. friedab2015 says:

    Indeed! Helemaal mee eens: “A worthy Successor in black and white,” – dus `n kater en géén poesje of katje. Kortom door de bocht: “The Big King of all, the Most Greatest Oscar Winner.” zei Peter. Elfriede * * zaterdag 27 – 10 – 2018 * Holland *

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