Kick has approximately 20 pairs of gloves.

They’re the cheap kind, that stretch, so she can wear them year after year, and they come in cotton candy colors and I cannot make a pair that match on school mornings for the life of me. She has all these pairs because she loses them, or I lose them, or her father loses them, tosses them on the table at a restaurant or into a grocery cart when she pulls them off and one gets lost down the side of the car seat.

She’s a kid, it’s normal, but she has a bunch of them so it’s fine.

There are kids who don’t have any. Maybe one of those kids is yours. Maybe one of those kids was you.

First Draft is about $275 away from its goal of raising $750 for the St. Hyacinth Food Pantry to cover the cost of Christmas gifts — toys, gift cards, mittens — for kids this year. In 2016 we helped raise enough money to feed 300 families, and this year 500 families have signed up for the holiday gift drive, way more than the pantry thought they’d have.

Can you get us there this week? $275 will make a lot of children really happy this holiday season.