Friday Guest Catblogging: Why We Don’t Have A Christmas Tree

My friend Kyle’s cat, Little Buddy, is the scamp’s scamp, the imp’s imp. He’s always up to something: trouble is his middle name.

Little Buddy’s most recent antics are seasonal in nature. If there’s a Christmas tree in the house, a cat will mess with it. One of our past cats, Manet, was a plant eater/puker. She and her furry cohort also enjoyed messing with Christmas trees. We surrendered to their dominance years ago, which is a good thing since PD is so strong that he could knock a tree over just by scent marking it.

Kyle is a drummer, so he’s made of sterner (sillier?) stuff. He has a tree as well as the aforementioned cat named Little Buddy. The two collide in these pictures.

2 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Why We Don’t Have A Christmas Tree

  1. Rapier says:

    I nor my family has ever had a serious issue with cats and Christmas trees. I can’t explain it or advise. A matter of will?

  2. friedab2015 says:

    Wat schattig … Prettige kerstdagen en gelukkig nieuwjaar!!!

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