Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – bone us edition

Hi everyone! Our bud Michael F is taking a well-deserved week off, and yours truly is attention-whoring  filling in today for him.

Everyone wanted to know that the reactions in Freeperville were to The Darnold’s Very Bad Week?

Let’s start with – Nick Cave and the Bad Siege !

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vanity Trump caves we have NO ONE now
Posted on 1/25/2019, 1:33:40 PM by Cubs Fan

The democrats have a plan to dilute down conservative voters with floods of 3rd world immigrants and its working working. And now even Trump has stopped fighting it.

Democrats getting their way on Immigration is the end of America. They will have full soviet union style monopoly on all government power in ten years or less.


He caved. America lost.the democrats plan to use immigration to dilute out conservative voters is still right on track. And now no one is standing in their way.

1 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:33:40 PM by Cubs Fan



To: Cubs Fan


HOORAY now F off and make sure you properly register your Dem card

man, these Never Trump drama queens are like neighborhood whores on FR

16 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:37:16 PM by max americana (Happily Fired every stupid liberal at every election since 08′ at work. I hope all liberals die.)

You mean whoring for $80,000 every three months? Or would that be Jim Rob?


(Oh – and we’ll be hearing from a shitfaced “max americana” later in today’s Obsession)

To: Cubs Fan


We will back to square one in three weeks nothing is going to change. Look, its not these workers fault the Govt is a bunch of corrupt bastards. If I were screwed out of two checks that I needed I would be pissed what is going to change three weeks from now..NOTHING, Dems will NEVER approve of wall funding its never going to happen so what, he’s going to shut down the Govt again? So why bother with this

22 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:37:42 PM by Sarah Barracuda

To: Kickass Conservative


8d chess?

8 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:36:31 PM by TiGuy22

To: TiGuy22


“8d chess?”

So why isn’t ANY democrat being prosecuted???

8d chess, my butt.

29 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:38:07 PM by CodeToad ( Hating on Trump is hating on me and America!.)
To: Cubs Fan


Sad. The house has him on the ropes. pelosy’s goal is the election. If Trump doesn’t build, he will lose the election. Also Criminal Hillary is walking around.

He keeps telling us how nice walls are. This speech is repetitious of past speeches. If he doesn’t declare the emergency, he won’t get funding from the house. If he declares, the dems will tie him up in court and in two years the wall will not be built.

I don’t see a path to the wall before the election. Dem mission accomplished. UNLESS he declares and tells the judiciary to stand down as emergencies are not in their purview. But he has acquiesced to the courts for two years.

Good luck.

31 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:38:26 PM by morphing libertarian (Use Comey’s Report; Indict Hillary now; build Kate’s wall. — Proud Smelly Walmart Deplorable)

To: CodeToad


Trump was a caver even before taking office.

LOCK HER UP became (quoting KA Conway before being sworn in) “He wants Hillary to heal.”

56 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:42:00 PM by Cassius Flavia Agrippa

To: rintintin


He has played the national emergency card for 5 weeks. It’s just like his threat to declassify all those documents that are still secret. All talk. Nancy and Chuck won folks, deal with it. If you think Nan and Chuck are going to negotiate on the wall keep drinking the Kool-Aid. They won this time and they will win in 3 weeks, and 6 month and 2 years. It was a nice run, but no republic last forever. In 5 years you won’t even recognize this once great country. There is already a judge ready with a restraining order in hand against using a national emergency declaration to build the wall.

I’m not going to say Trump lied about the wall. I just don’t think, as an outsider he understood how unlikely it was he could deliver. The power in this country belong to the Left and their supporters in both parties, the media and schools. That is a hard coalition to defeat.

83 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:46:48 PM by redangus

To: ChildOfThe60s
I believe that judicial overreach has come to the point where the President should pull an Andy Jackson. Tell the court they have no jurisdiction, if they want to stop it, they can send their army to do so.  

At which point Pelosi will gleefully impeach and when it goes to the Senate you get to see how many Republicans give sanctimonious speeches about the ‘Rule of Law’ and vote to convict.

123 posted on 1/25/2019, 1:56:15 PM by Snickering Hound
Read more after the “read more”

Of course, there’s lots of “F you” and “Trump rules, you drool” and “Go back to DU” replies, but they’re just not as much fun as :
To: NobleFree
Trump needs to can Javanka and his team .For two years , he caved the Ryan and Mitchy and now Pelosi and Shummer just crushed him .

He hired one after another disaster people like Wray and Sessions and now plans to hire DC Bush-bot AG who hates gun rights .

He did not kill Daca and Syrian Muzzle are pouring in still .

We need new smarter people in the WH and no Lib relatives .

28 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:02:27 PM by ncalburt (Gop DC Globalists out themselveking/its population here and Canada)
To: NobleFree


How the heck did President Trump get talked into this without an EO for at least two years funding for the wall? So much for super-negotiator.

33 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:04:47 PM by grania (“We’re all just pawns in their game”)

To: Secret Agent Man
Of course repub “leadership” is all uniparty, all the way. so not surprising.Just surprising he gave in to them.

But he has been caving to them for over 2 years, what’s so surprising?

40 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:08:22 PM by Snickering Hound
To: grania


Ok. Trump had no power against Pelosi Inc. WTF!!!!! The grown up in the room? This is like getting your ass kicked and saying I’ll be back for more in a minute. I see no difference here versus GWB. This government sucks. Not trusted from top to bottom. PERIOD!!!!!

43 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:09:16 PM by gathersnomoss (Grace and Dignity Will Win The Day)

To: jonno


It was an unconditional surrender.

Anyone who denies that reality is delusional, prone to fantastic thinking.

54 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:12:27 PM by Mariner (War Criminal #18)

Oh dear – it just goes on and on and on.
Let’s mix it up a bit with – Stone cold crazy!
US special counsel’s office: Roger Stone arrested in Florida
Posted on 1/25/2019, 5:36:28 AM by Stars&StripesNE

This story is developing

1 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:36:28 AM by Stars&StripesNE
Developing into what?
To: Stars&StripesNE


What the ****?

4 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:39:28 AM by HighSierra5

And I remember when Free Republic would bounce you for saying “damn”.
To: ifinnegan
•That’s according to special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, which says he faces seven counts,
including witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and false statements.
7 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:43:09 AM by Stars&StripesNE
To: JonPreston


Is this the part where we’re supposed to “trust the plan’?

25 posted on 1/25/2019, 5:57:50 AM by Sirius Lee (In God We Trust, In Trump We MAGA)

To: Travis McGee


So when the FBI knocks on Stone’s front door in the crack of dawn, and Stone himself opens it, the media is right there with cameras flashing capturing the moment.

Who leaked?

30 posted on 1/25/2019, 6:05:53 AM by SilvieWaldorfMD (A Realistically Really Real Housewife)

To: Sirius Lee


Yep, this is supposed to be where Trump has them just where he wants them—somehow.

48 posted on 1/25/2019, 6:14:30 AM by 9YearLurker

You fonny boy.
To: Travis McGee


Donald Trump keeps praising the rank and file of the FBI as great people. I love the President but I find those words hard to swallow.

86 posted on 1/25/2019, 6:48:04 AM by Spiridon

Maybe you just need some lubricant.
And lastly, in the “You’re all in cahoots” category :
To: GrandJediMasterYoda


Seems Hillary is running the FBI.

134 posted on 1/25/2019, 7:58:37 AM by Freedom of Speech Wins

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton checks her PDA upon her departure in a military C-17 plane from Malta bound for Tripoli,  Libya
And now, as promised – “max americana” gets shitfaced and posts something so stupid that even the mods call him on it :
NEVER TRUMPERS KIDDIE ARCADE thread!! (lots of fun)
MAD MAX MAD BRAIN–where i kill and strangle liberals without going to jail ^ | 01/25/2019 | max am
Posted on 1/25/2019, 8:32:45 PM by max americana


I know you wanna (snicker) because he “caved” right?

Instead of throwing a hissy fit like a faggy tranny, sign your username and lets make a time machine 2 years from now before elections time, mkay?

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Put down the bottle

Thanks to all for putting up with my not-so-special.
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