Not Everything Sucks

There’s a roller rink: 

There once were dozens of places to roller skate in Chicago, but today only a handful remain.

The Rink is one of the survivors.

The South Side venue has become a staple in the Chatham community — some skaters have met their spouses at skate nights, while others now bring their grandchildren there.

“It just signifies what black culture is: family, love, pride, passion, and enjoyment,” long-time skater Patrice Jackson said.


One thought on “Not Everything Sucks

  1. For a longer exploration of this, watch for the documentary movie “United Skates” which s/b on HBO Feb 17 and 18, to see some of this across the US including Chicago. Don’t remember if the movie includes the Chatham rink or another, but it showcases amazing skills and different styles around the country. It’s very good and reinforces the understanding of what communities are losing (and have lost) all over the US. Highly recommended.

    Plus, I flat-out envy those skaters!

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