Tuesday Catblogging

I know it’s been a while. These two dumbasses are the best. They spent the recent polar vortex curled up basically on top of us and when I’m sick or otherwise incapacitated they’re on me at all times purring and kneading and grooming me. Slade eats constantly but also is constantly mewing to play fetch so he’s not gaining weight so much as getting swole. Ada disdains the very expensive cat fountain we bought for her and will sit on the counter yelling until we turn on the kitchen tap, then swats water at her brother. Kick picks them both up like a forklift and carries them around the house like stuffies and they never, ever bite her. There is fur just fucking EVERYWHERE and they disembowel their toys and stash the innards under the dining room table for us to find like some kind of horrifying CSI: KittyMurder.

We love them so so so so so much.