Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Darnold duck! edition

Good morning, all! As The Darnold’s presidency circles the toilet at ever-increasing speed, the Freepers are having more and more trouble simultaneously believing “all is well” and “Holy fucking shit, NOW what??” – with Trump being at the same time infallible and a total fuckup.


Call it “Schrodinger’s moron”.


Let’s start with – Glory Be!

North Korea airs film glorifying summit with Trump
The Politico ^ | March 7, 2019 | The Associated Press

Posted on 3/7/2019, 6:23:08 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s state TV has aired a documentary glorifying leader Kim Jong Un’s recent visit to Vietnam that omitted the failed nuclear negotiations with President Donald Trump.

The footage’s release Wednesday came amid reports that North Korea is restoring some facilities at its long-range rocket launch site that it dismantled last year as part of disarmament steps.

1 posted on 3/7/2019, 6:23:08 PM by 2ndDivisionVet
So – this should generate a hefty number of comments.
TWO comments??
Threads about “what ISP to jump to” generate 300+ replies – but THIS thread?
To: 2ndDivisionVet 

Potemkin Village.


This was doomed to fail even before it began and nine critical, wasted months have passed where they continued to build up their arsenal behind the scenes and de-facto loosened sanctions and continued their horrid human rights abuses.

They are not to be believed. Never. They are dishonest liars and cheats, despite all the optics, flattery, a pretty First Lady parading in European fashions and the like.

…but enough about Trump…

I’d like to hear the argument and see any credible evidence to the contrary.

There can be no doubt now.

2 posted on 3/7/2019, 10:56:47 PM by AmericanInTokyo (tell me again how praising & flattering ruthless commie dictators goes with freedom & conservatism?)

There never WAS any doubt, you gullible twatwaffle.
Oh – and the two replies?  They’re from the same Freeper.
To: 2ndDivisionVet
No doubt now what a hopeless farce this was and is becoming. I hope we will soon return to the Reagan Doctrine. CNN: Congressman: Jimmy Carter is willing to travel to North Korea to help Trump

3 posted on 3/7/2019, 11:09:57 PM by AmericanInTokyo (tell me again how praising & flattering ruthless commie dictators goes with freedom & conservatism?)
Love your sig line.
More after the linky thing.

Next up –  Abandon  shit  ship!
Trump Abandons ‘America First’ Reforms: ‘We Need’ More Immigration to Grow Business Profits
Breitbart ^ | 3-6-19 | J. Binder
Posted on 3/7/2019, 7:14:35 AM by central_va

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, President Trump is abandoning his prior “America First” legal immigration reforms to support increases of legal immigration levels in order to expand profits for businesses and corporations.

For the fourth time in about a month, Trump suggested increasing legal immigration levels. With Apple CEO Tim Cook sitting next to him at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said he not only wanted more legal immigration but that companies needed an expansion of new arrivals to grow their business.

“We’re going to have a lot of people coming into the country. We want a lot of people coming in. And we need it,” Trump said:

The comments are a direct rebuttal of the president’s commitments in 2015, 2016, and 2017, where he vowed to reduce overall legal immigration levels to boost the wages of U.S. workers and reduce the displacement of America’s working and middle class.
1 posted on 3/7/2019, 7:14:35 AM by central_va
To: central_va


He is losing me. Where is Steve Bannon?

2 posted on 3/7/2019, 7:15:49 AM by central_va (I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)

At an undisclosed location, laughing his ass off.
Aaand – cue the “Schrodinger’s moron” brigade!
To: central_va
I’m still with him. 

Things aren’t perfect, obviously, and along with all the winning, there’s been some losing.

Um – did you just call The Darnold a loser?

Donald Trump is the only fighter we have.

If he’s a “fighter”, isn’t he taking a dive about now?

Also, in the “unintentional irony” department :

There is literally no one else between us and an actual horde of literal Nazis.



Don’t give up.

9 posted on 3/7/2019, 7:22:46 AM by chris37 (No wall? No vote.)

To: BiggBob
And with record low unemployment and continued job growth we may need more MERIT BASED legal immigrants? 

Wow wages are up 3% barley keeping pace with inflation So we don’t need any more immigrants what we need are higher wages for all. The Republican Party is useless and dangerous even more so it seems than the Democrats.

13 posted on 3/7/2019, 7:24:22 AM by central_va (I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)
“Useless and Dangerous” is the name of my next band.
To: central_va


Based on supply and demand what would happen to wages when the wall is built and 20 million illegals can’t work?

34 posted on 3/7/2019, 7:41:47 AM by BiggBob

To: central_va


Letting the drug dealers out
Letting the H1B’s in
Ivanka’s many women’s entrepreneurial initiatives

I don’t understand how any of this is Conservative.

53 posted on 3/7/2019, 8:00:30 AM by gaijin

Why, THERE he is!  Mystery solved!
“qaz123” knows exactly what’s wrong with this H1B visa thingy :
To: Pearls Before Swine


H1B salary is set rather low in light of the fact that H1B workers are trapped in their jobs for several years (four I think?)

Or until they bring their wife or girlfriend over from their homeland, get her pregnant where she pops out a kid in a hospital near you or me. Instant citizen and he never has to leave because of family reunification. And then the whole family from their village in Pakistan or India comes. Then the buy a house and put it in their elderly parents name so they get a reduction in property taxes, all while 15 of them live in the same house.

The rest of the world makes a mockery of our country and our laws.

49 posted on 3/7/2019, 7:55:09 AM by qaz123
And of course, we all know whose fault this REALLY is, making The Darnold say these awful things :
To: central_va


Michael Cohen’s testimony made 63% believe Trump committed a crime, giving fuel to impeachment efforts in the House. Mitch McConnell is abandoning Trump and the wall because of this; the Chamber of Commerce money is more important to lawmakers than what Americans want and need…..

59 posted on 3/7/2019, 8:06:19 AM by browniexyz

So there!
Next up – Bad Feels!

Trump feels ‘very badly’ for Paul Manafort after sentencing New York Post ^ | 03-08-19 | Yaron Steinbuch Posted on 3/8/2019, 10:22:49 AM by Steve1999

President Trump on Friday morning said he felt “very badly” for Paul Manafort, but that he has not discussed a pardon for his former campaign manager, who was sentenced to 47 months in prison. “I feel very badly for Paul Manafort,” the president told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House before departing on a trip to survey the tornado damage in Alabama. He said this “is a very, very tough time” for Manafort, 69, who still faces sentencing in a separate case next week in DC, where a judge could impose as much as 10 more years for conspiracy to obstruct justice and defraud the government.

1 posted on 3/8/2019, 10:22:49 AM by Steve1999
And a Freeper snowflake is triggered :
To: Steve1999



Until some of you are caught in a web of lies through no fault of you own, keep your opinions to yourself, because you don’t have a clue.

3 posted on 3/8/2019, 10:31:47 AM by PeterPrinciple (Thinking Caps are no longer being issued but there must be a warehouse full of them somewhere.)

To: PeterPrinciple



4 posted on 3/8/2019, 10:32:57 AM by magua

To: PeterPrinciple
In other words:

“Shut up,” he explained.

5 posted on 3/8/2019, 10:35:07 AM by tenger (If we don’t stay on ’em, they’ll get it wrong. – Joe Soucheray)
You guys are getting really testy these days.
To: PeterPrinciple


That was a nice thing to say.

6 posted on 3/8/2019, 10:35:54 AM by miss marmelstein

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Temper, temper.
And lastly, we have – losing in real time!
North Korea rocket site is being monitored ‘in real time,’ U.S. official says
NBC News ^ | 08 Mar 2019 | Andrea Mitchell
Posted on 3/9/2019, 1:04:44 AM by blueplum

The U.S. is “watching in real time” developments at a long-range rocket site that North Korea is believed to have rebuilt, a senior State Department official said Thursday.

The Sohae facility has been used in the past for satellite launches that employ similar technology to what is required to fire intercontinental ballistic missiles. It is now back to “normal operating status,” according to new commercial images and analysis from two teams of researchers…(snip)

…The State Department official said that while it is important for North Korea to act as it had promised, the U.S. side did not see Sohae as a “critical” part of Pyongyang’s missile program because such tests have most recently been from mobile launchers.

1 posted on 3/9/2019, 1:04:45 AM by blueplum



Not only at Sohae and at Kangson, but now Sanumdong just north of Pyongyang is recently proving problematic. They are just shifting these facilities around in a shell game, offering to give up others they leave as obsolete. Gotta hand it to the little buggers.

With some of it, remote heat sensing and visual satellite confirmation tends to show Kim was shifting these around and ramping up activity even as talks with the US were continuing. Stuff like this cannot happen without his sign off.

No surprise at all though. It was a known fact he was insincere from the outset. Many people just chose not to listen and got swept up in the confetti and general hoopla but I can’t half blame them I guess

7 posted on 3/9/2019, 4:02:39 AM by AmericanInTokyo (Is the coast clear again on FR to begin calling Kim Jong Un the lying cheating POS he always was/is?)

Oh, I can completely blame you guys.  Actually, I get to do it every week.
And of course, there’s always the “NUKE WASHINGTON HAW HAW HAW” nitwit :
To: blueplum


I don’t want this to happen but it would be cosmic justice if a Nork missile were to land in D.C. or Nuevo York.

4 posted on 3/9/2019, 2:40:55 AM by McCarthysGhost

Nuclear war is teh funniest, no? What a knee-slapper!
I dunno – maybe they all forgot that Washington’s where The Darnold lives.
See you good people next Monday.

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  1. I don’t want this to happen but it would be cosmic justice if a Nork missile were to land in D.C. or Nuevo York.

    “maybe they all forgot that Washington’s where The Darnold lives.”

    When he’s not in NYC. Maybe McCarthysGhost should add Mar-a-Lago to the target list, just to make sure.

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